Oh, no! I just learned that my venerable web host, WebFaction, was acquired by GoDaddy. 🤢

I moved to WebFaction after using TextDrive for years. Then TextDrive became Joyent (ugh), then spun off once they realized they'd get rich on Node.js, then TextDrive was dead, then promises of revival, then… Well, another decade, another web host.

I just hate being forced to do maintenance on all my old sites and services. 🙂

@scott the TextDrive / Joyent / TextDrive death was heartbreaking to me (I moved to Gandi when it was in it's final death throes)

@patrickgage Oh, sorry to hear you went through it, too. I ❤️ Gandi for domains. How is their hosting service?

@scott Where to now then? Personally I run a VPS for my stuff but I know not everyone wants to do that.

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