So many spam accounts, so little time. May have to lock down new registrations for a while and clean house.

@scott who knew the Russians were so into data visualization!?!? 😉

@ted @scott what anti spam measures are in place? Does the re-captcha check not help somewhat?

@toeplitzer @ted there is a limited block list of known shady domains. I don't think Mastodon uses a captcha -- as that's not open source. My sense is that other admins out there invest a lot more time in anti spam measures or otherwise don't have open registrations.

@scott I worked on building a web spam classifier. I'd like to help build something open source which you could use. I guess one issue is open training data. Anything open can be used by both sides.. and having more data makes your classifier better, which means you're back to centralised and saas. Perhaps akismet has a free tier?

@toeplitzer oooh thanks! Have you checked out the Mastodon Dev forums on GitHub? I expect there are already lots of conversations about spam prevention.

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