Hey Mastodon admins: Anyone have ideas on how to direct people to my donate links? See my post:

@Curator @SocialCoop

@scott have to wonder whether something like a nag bot would work. Then for a small donation you turned off the bot for that user.

Nothing bad, just like one DM a month or so.

@ted FYI I posted about this over on the admin boards:

I don't know anything about Mastodon bots, but would love to set this up.

Also: Patreon page coming soon.

@scott @Curator @SocialCoop

I seen a strip notification on Diaspora showing that the service runs on donations with a link of donation page and showing How much they need and how much has been funded.

The bot thing is cool 🙂 but The better solution would showing them a notification in notification column periodically that this service run on donations eg once a week.

@scott @Curator @SocialCoop

YEAH, but No one has added anything regarding this, it's a shame that a project that rely on donation hasn't done anything regarding it.

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