For my next DIY project, I successfully made my own cold brew coffee this weekend. ☕️

It turns out it's not rocket science, and coincidentally, the coffee shop markup on cold brew is insane. I mean, it takes less energy and is way easier to make than hot-brewed coffee, so it should actually cost less. 🙂

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@scott Ooh! Those reusable coffee filter bags are just what I needed. I had no idea such a thing existed.

@darth_mall I found a similar one at my nearby coop — basically the same thing. And the mouth is sized to fit neatly over a mason jar top (because of course all the cool kids use mason jars now).

One thing I learned not mentioned there: It may be best to *fill* the jar with water. I used a 6-cup jar but filled it with only 4 cups water (per their "recipe"). But since the coffee floats, about 1/3 of the beans aren't exposed to water.

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