Hi, folks. I no longer have the capacity to run vis.social. Thank you for all of your donations over the past year to cover the costs. We're now spending ~$55/mo. on hosting, plus some administrative costs (like the domain name).

Anyone interested in shepherding vis.social?

@scott can we talk about what kind of effort is required to moderate/manage spam? If I can get a handle on what's required I might be able to do it and then DVS would be more willing to manage the financial aspects ;) nicolas@kruchten.com

@nicolaskruchten I love that idea. There's not a huge amount of effort. Mostly I rely on people here to report spam. So when I get a report I just click into it and block the account. But we do have a lot of users with no posts that seem like latent spam bot accounts. Part of what I do here is follow the Mastodon admin forums. I wait for others to develop better spam-fighting solutions, then redeploy them here. :) discourse.joinmastodon.org/c/i

@scott OK thanks! I think the "latent spam bots" is probably what we'd want to clean up I think. What are your hopes and dreams for the right person/group to take this over in terms of "fit"?

@nicolaskruchten well, someone who can devote more time to inclusion and actively bringing in folks who aren't mostly white/male/tech (my Twitter followers).

@nicolaskruchten see vis.social/about/more for a doc on inclusion. I talked with @jschwabish on his podcast about this and I had dreams but just haven't been able to spare the emotional labor needed to cultivate. :)

@scott @jschwabish makes sense! Do you think your original goals align with the DVS idea as it has evolved so far? Here is the DVS code of conduct today: datavisualizationsociety.com/c

@nicolaskruchten @jschwabish oh yes, I like that a lot.

I really have to get in on this DVS action. :)

@scott @nicolaskruchten @jschwabish Hi Scott, do you have any updates on this thread? I'm still actice in the DVS slack, also active in the fediverse, so would love to see some form of collaboration between vis.social and the DVS!


@Erik @nicolaskruchten @jschwabish thanks for checking. Have been getting help from @kristinHenry and @darth_mall here. I tidied up the donation options and now have a patreon page: vis.social/@scott/102494348412

I need to get on DVS myself to say hi.

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