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@scott @sarahslo If I may, I'd like to add... πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ‘πŸ»

@andykirk @sarahslo Sarah FYI Andy is also trying to tamp down his snark so maybe you two can support each other. (clearly I'll be no help at all.)

@scott @andykirk you are baiting me scott! is this a challenge to see how strong our snark impulses are? or a test to see if we can tame them? btw, what does "cw" stand forπŸ‘‡

@sarahslo @scott I think I'm right in my understanding that cw stands for the popular British chocolate bar, the Curlywurly. Yep, pretty sure it's that. Could be Content Warning but doesn't seem right.

@andykirk @sarahslo really I'm learning so much from this cross-cultural exchange already </snark>

@andykirk @scott that makes sense. most acronyms relate back to cadbury products. thanks!