BTW, when you “fave” a toot in 🐘, you’re not teaching an algorithm more about yourself, strengthening your signal for targeted advertisements, or increasing your data’s market value. And faved toots aren’t “leaked” to other members’ timelines.

The ⭐ icon functions more like a 👏, 👍, 👌, or 🙌 shared with the toot’s author.

@scott I was literally wondering about the nature of the star tool as I was heading over to try the web interface just now. 🤔

I've starred a few toots and thought, ~Is that annoying anybody? Should I do an in-toot emoticon instead?~.

This is my first desktop web-interface toot. I was just relying on & yesterday after I signed up on your

@scott And also [looks through emojis for a bookmark: gives up] a bookmark.

@sherwin oh yes, I haven't seen this use case on 🐘 yet, but I know some people use ⭐ on Twitter for bookmarking / read later purposes.

@scott Such a beautiful thing. I stopped liking/faving/starring stuff on other social networks exactly because of this

@scott Well, if you click on the numbers on here, you *can* in fact see who retooted/favourited this particular toot, so that information exists for a party to exploit with enough effort.

@coffeesalve good point. But it's decentralized, so I think those numbers are limited in scope (maybe just to your local instance?). I'd have to research further.

@scott @coffeesalve visibility is an important point. My understanding is that it's open to any member to scrape or monitor these things, so wouldn't the only difference from facebook be that here *everyone* have permissions to do what cambridge analytica did?

I'm all for openness, but I'm having a hard time seeing the privacy argument for mastodon

@RFon @coffeesalve wellllll yes or at least a qualified yes for a publicly accessible instance like this one. Though supposedly as a random user I couldn't access your private toots. And also 🐘 doesn't collect the graphs of other highly personalized info that FB asks for. Of course, all of that is voluntarily given. But this week's questions from senators have me thinking people don't realize it's totally voluntary (yes, despite social pressure to participate, FOMO, etc.).

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