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Observing news reports describing how recent events have “called into question” the assumption that social media was going to be a clear force for good.

Ummmmm was that really the general assumption this whole time in the wider culture? In my little bubble everyone believes that it has some upsides (connections, if superficially), huge downsides (addiction, bullying, privacy, manipulation), and heaps of unknowns still TBD.

@scott Yeah, it's bizarre, isn't it? It was clear that it was going to be a huge force for advertising revenue and social manipulation and maybe you'd get to chat with people and make some friends? There was a huge sell on it being "good", that much is clear, but it always reeked of being a sell.

Scott Murray @scott

@c25l 🤣 I love that. Indeed, maybe you'd get to chat with some people (but that's incidental). 🙃