We went pumpkin picking over the weekend, and I loved the glitchy, generative-ish texture on this gourd.

The understatement of the year in a photo caption award goes to...

Wonderful chart! This one is personal for me, as Portland is one of the few cities in the US which actually has an 🚡.


Twitter *doesn’t* tell you the gender balance of the people *you* follow. But this brilliant person wrote some code to estimate just that. And the good news is I follow only slightly more (estimated) men than women or nonbinary folks. This estimate is also slightly more optimistic about my own followers, placing them at only 75% male, not 80%.

Try for yourself: proporti.onl

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Hey if you heard the podcast discussion with @jschwabish, you heard me speculate that “maybe” early vis.social members skewed male because “maybe” mostly men followed me on Twitter, and Twitter is the only place where I promoted vis.social, initially.

Um, well, I just learned that Twitter’s analytics estimates your follower gender balance for you, and, er…

Hmmmmm what templating language do you think Southwest uses? Remind me to never use that one. 🤔

Interesting connected pie charts from PBOT (Portland Bureau of Transportation). What do you call this visual technique?


Data vis experts: I am embarrassed to ask this question, but my memory is failing me.

When charting anything over time, with time moving left-to-right on the x axis, what do you call the unit of time into which values are aggregated? For example, daily, weekly, monthly… Are these “buckets” or “periods”?

Further, do you refer to the overall span of time represented as a “range”?

Gun violence, activism 

Profoundly moved by this full-page NY Times ad from the FL high school students. High school! What the hell had I contributed to the world by age 17?


I made some timely charts about with Oscars data for last week’s Strata Conf (hence O’Reilly style), but we ended up not using them, so… here you go. :)

Made with but intended for display on the big projection screens between talks, these were intended to loop and are not interactive.

I made two versions (mode and median) in an attempt to satisfy everyone who knows the difference and has an opinion.

vis.social/media/W7GJyO1QpidmV vis.social/media/Co1PiJZq25lYN

Normally I am oppose the use of gradients and drop shadows in a bar chart. But if the data is appealing enough, I can make an exception. 😉


“Strange Bird” is a new podcast “about the data behind our everyday lives with Mona Chalabi.”

And it’s published through a new UI by the Guardian Mobile Lab — part audio player, part chatbot, part photo viewer. It includes lots of charts, too!


vis.social/media/9hgjBZzx9-uG6 vis.social/media/Q65PFBVdJr8nQ

“Diseased Streets” — a map of human feces and needles on the streets of San Francisco. ☹️


CON: Story refers only to "downtown San Francisco" yet reporting is specific to the Tenderloin and Civic Center, the poopiest and needle-iest areas, in my experience.

PRO: Line chart of poop and needles made with DataWrapper! cc @gka @lisacrost

Thanks to @nelson for the local news tip.

vis.social/media/np1UXfSuVHyse vis.social/media/6q7KIHJbuL-pA vis.social/media/UiO9JE9T5ZFu7

Updated the vis.social “banner” image to be more colorful and interesting. This image appears in “cards” when you link to vis.social from those “other” services. 🙂


Ugh, first legit typo in D3 book! 

Dear readers, please note this correction for the sidebar on pointer events on page 202.

Reported by astute reader @TeaStats@twitter.com

Find this and any future errata at d3book.com


I should set a good example. On Mastodon, only hashtags are searchable, not freeform text. (Decentralized OSS, folks!) 😁

So the convention is to introduce yourself using

Hi! I'm Scott, and I set up this new instance because I selfishly wanted to gather all you smart people doing beautifully creative work all in one friendly, ad-free place without the vitriol and political baggage of 🐦 site.

I made this illustration in about 5 minutes with Processing.


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