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Scott Murray

Normally I am oppose the use of gradients and drop shadows in a bar chart. But if the data is appealing enough, I can make an exception. 😉

“Strange Bird” is a new podcast “about the data behind our everyday lives with Mona Chalabi.”

And it’s published through a new UI by the Guardian Mobile Lab — part audio player, part chatbot, part photo viewer. It includes lots of charts, too!

“Diseased Streets” — a map of human feces and needles on the streets of San Francisco. ☹️

CON: Story refers only to "downtown San Francisco" yet reporting is specific to the Tenderloin and Civic Center, the poopiest and needle-iest areas, in my experience.

PRO: Line chart of poop and needles made with DataWrapper! cc @gka @lisacrost

Thanks to @nelson for the local news tip.

Updated the “banner” image to be more colorful and interesting. This image appears in “cards” when you link to from those “other” services. 🙂

Ugh, first legit typo in D3 book! Show more

I should set a good example. On Mastodon, only hashtags are searchable, not freeform text. (Decentralized OSS, folks!) 😁

So the convention is to introduce yourself using

Hi! I'm Scott, and I set up this new instance because I selfishly wanted to gather all you smart people doing beautifully creative work all in one friendly, ad-free place without the vitriol and political baggage of 🐦 site.

I made this illustration in about 5 minutes with Processing.