@darth_mall yikes thanks. I added a domain block. Unfortunately I don't have direct server access so I can't take any of those other steps.

@gfte Welcome! Will be happy to hear how your course goes. :)

@samja Hello and welcome! Hoping you post about your work here; sounds fascinating!

Hey there lazyweb, I'm looking for recommendations for a component for a web app.

I have a strong preference for something implemented with vanilla . I don't want to weigh the page down with a runtime (so nothing built with React, Angular, jQuery, etc.).

I plan to incorporate it into 's admin interface. is the first thing I stumbled across, if anyone has any experience with that.


Boosts appreciated.

used the konmari method on my side projects; it was great to be honest with myself about what I will be able to continue with and what I need to thank and archive.

@moremaps Hi and welcome! I agree with you that we need more maps. 😛

@jmac cool! I think we are all new here, really. :)

@Erik @nicolaskruchten @jschwabish thanks for checking. Have been getting help from @kristinHenry and @darth_mall here. I tidied up the donation options and now have a patreon page: vis.social/@scott/102494348412

I need to get on DVS myself to say hi.

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