Handheld Multi-frame Super-resolution


Great video demo showing a new image process that squeezes more pixels out of the pixels you already have. I ♥️ smart people!

@kristinHenry @darth_mall thank you both! Evan, no, nothing had changed yet. A few people said they would inquire over at the DVSS, but no news so far (and no volunteers).

I'd love suggestions. Would be open to another benevolent dictator taking the reins, or a team effort (probably better): some moderation, some fundraising, some welcoming committee...

@JSeesaw @JSeesaw No one said we are shutting down! :)

But enjoy mastodon.art.

@kristinHenry not being actively developed. :-( I would love for others to jump in.

@nicolaskruchten @jschwabish oh yes, I like that a lot.

I really have to get in on this DVS action. :)

@nicolaskruchten see vis.social/about/more for a doc on inclusion. I talked with @jschwabish on his podcast about this and I had dreams but just haven't been able to spare the emotional labor needed to cultivate. :)

@nicolaskruchten well, someone who can devote more time to inclusion and actively bringing in folks who aren't mostly white/male/tech (my Twitter followers).

@nicolaskruchten I love that idea. There's not a huge amount of effort. Mostly I rely on people here to report spam. So when I get a report I just click into it and block the account. But we do have a lot of users with no posts that seem like latent spam bot accounts. Part of what I do here is follow the Mastodon admin forums. I wait for others to develop better spam-fighting solutions, then redeploy them here. :) discourse.joinmastodon.org/c/i

@DominikHaas Sure, that does help, thanks. See vis.social/about/more for donation info.

Wonderful interactive illustrating principles of diffusion in networks. meltingasphalt.com/interactive

(Recent measles outbreaks are top of mind for me right now.)

@DominikHaas not if someone else is willing to take the reins or help out. :)

@darth_mall @kristinHenry just buy more time! ;)

Maybe we can crowdsource the work. But I fear the spammers would all volunteer. :)

@darth_mall @kristinHenry Just a time thing. I mentioned the cost because I don't like asking people for money, but I also don't want to pay for this all myself. :) So part of taking over or helping out would probably involve doing a little more planning than I've done around the financial side. (Hint: I've done no planning, really.) Whenever I ask for more, the same people very generously donate, but I don't think we should rely on the same donors over and over. Then again I'm no fundraised. :)

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