@toeplitzer oooh thanks! Have you checked out the Mastodon Dev forums on GitHub? I expect there are already lots of conversations about spam prevention.

@toeplitzer @ted there is a limited block list of known shady domains. I don't think Mastodon uses a captcha -- as that's not open source. My sense is that other admins out there invest a lot more time in anti spam measures or otherwise don't have open registrations.

So many spam accounts, so little time. May have to lock down new registrations for a while and clean house.

Amazing narrative video illustration of wealth inequality and a clear explanation of a “wealth tax”: youtube.com/watch?v=pTwPHuE_Hr

@francis thank you for sharing this and taking the time to write up your experience. Progress!

For those of you who are thinking about diversity, inclusion and representativity in dataviz and what you can do, I wrote a blog post of my experience using an inclusion rider as a speaker at a data-related conference. chezvoila.com/blog/inclusionri

Hi, folks! Apparently we are up to ~4,000 users here on vis.social. Exciting!

I haven't been super active here (busy with lots of projects), but if you are getting something out of it, please consider a donation: vis.social/about/more

I just upgraded our hosting plan to ~USD$45 per month to handle all your toots. So, yeah, there's no such thing as a free toot. 🍍

@checkinitout Ah, thank you! I don't have a cryptowallet. Or if I do, it's sitting empty on a flash drive somewhere. Open to recommendations!

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