@abundance Also: "data gardens class". Amazing! Sounds fantastic.

@alexwein @darth_mall @kristinHenry I am also in favor of expanding the intended domains! The idea was never to be super specific, but for anyone into "vis" (visuals, broadly) and "social" (always qualified in scare quotes).

@kristinHenry @darth_mall hi! sorry for slow reply. can you point me to info about this new feature? I'm sorry but I don't grok what "moderating hashtags" would mean.

If you both think it's a good idea, then I defer to you — let's do it. Just tell me what you need. :)

@RFon thanks! The second edition of d3book.com is mostly still current. It was written for D3 v4.5. Version 5.0+ broke a few minor things.

@RFon good question! O'Reilly switched off the platform that was powering it, so it no longer exists. :( But the content was out of date, anyway. :)

@dym@merveilles.town yes. If I had to be the system admin as well, this wouldn't exist at all. So the cost is worth it for me (for now).

From the Collection: The Complete Commercial Artist (現代商業美術全集) – Letterform Archive

Just paid US$55 for another month of vis.social hosting. I'd love more small, ongoing support here:


Other options:


@joreg Hmm, I also see you have just 2 followers. We have been deleting spam bots from vis.social accounts. Are you concerned that accounts of real human people have also un-followed you? Let me know how I can help.

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