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Scott Murray

“Our measurements confirmed what every woman already knows to be true: women’s pockets are ridiculous.”

👏 😂 🙏

@JustinSmithArt welcome! I hear Austin is amazing and replete with great tacos.

Welcome, new people! Where is everyone coming from?

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Our group at Microsoft Research recently released : a new interactive tool for bespoke visualization design, and we'd love to hear your feedback.

You can use it in your browser at, where you'll also find a gallery along with video tutorials.

Charticulator is open source at

We also wrote a paper about Charticulator for IEEEVIS, which received an Honorable Mention for Best Paper:

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Finally realized this thing I've been day-dreaming of for months. Its nowhere close to done but I'm so stoked

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@ted :-) That's sort of what I was thunking: Hmm, what about something a contractor could actually build?

“Optimized” floor plans produce organic results. Interesting project by Joel Simon:

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Animated all flights departing from Amsterdam Schiphol airport on the busiest day of the year (30 July), using D3.js and Adobe Premiere.

View the video near the top of this article:

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Clever and maybe useful barchart text function:

sparkbar(c(1:5, 1:5, 6:10, 9:1))
[1] "▁▂▂▃▄▁▂▂▃▄▅▅▆▇█▇▆▅▅▄▃▂▂▁"

@aditya oops sorry, my memory is shot so I may repeat myself. :) Glad you are on those lists. I will keep an eye out!

@aditya are you on the data vis jobs list?

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Hey everyone, I'm currently looking for full time/contract opportunities. If your company is hiring or someone you know is, please do let me know 😊