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@francis @briromer too bad it is not more "accurate", though I spot checked places I know and it seemed about right. Yes, love the concept and visual presentation nonetheless. :-)

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@c25l_ yes, totally. It's very, shall we say, vague and open to interpretation. :)

@22 I had not heard of that. Thanks for the reference!

@zatnosk hmm good points. I tried to look up who was behind it and also hit a wall. Too bad! Also weird that it seems to be a company selling a physical server (with weird specs) and not a true open source outfit. I'll ask around!

“The Beloved Community License” is the most radical thing I've read all year.

Machine learning in the browser with JavaScript, as accessible as Processing and P5: 😮

Brought to you by the brilliant people at ITP, of course. 🙂

@briromer ☺️☺️☺️

@duncangeere @francis @briromer well, glad you did. I'm not sure anyone appreciates the guy who ignores other people for his phone. So dehumanizing, like most technology.

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@duncangeere @briromer :-) hey that's the first IRL connection made through here! It's really working!! :-)))))

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NEW POST: A further update about the Chartmaker Directory as it tip-toes towards its first anniversary of existence

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Under the sun

There's one spot in the world right now,
where the sun is exactly overhead,
and it's this one: