Saw a tumblr post warning people that twitter might do the same thing as tumblr to artists, which yes, they very well might. The fediverse should prepare to accept new users, more art-themed servers might be good.

Dealing with impostor syndrome by just making my slides intentionally hideous.

News flash: After an evening of hacking, our free and open source Disqus clone now supports OAuth sign-in via 🐘 Mastodon!

(so if you want to put a comment form on your static blog/website and want to allow your users to sign in via Mastodon, this might be for you)

@anish nice! You like it? Am considering a Librem for my next laptop, to replace an 8-year-old MacBook Air.

@kristinHenry :) I am glad you're getting something out of it!

Not sure if you can tell, but I hate asking for money from you or anyone. 🙃

This experiment has been running now for nearly a year. Can you believe it? Your consideration donations to cover hosting fees have been put to good use, but the balance is now down to zero, so I'm covering costs myself.

If you like this strange place and want it to continue, I’d appreciate a small one-time donation:$alignedleft

Please indicate that your donation is for 💰 📈 ✅

@gka This looks really cool, though I'm not sure I'd really use it. Where could we host it? I have some spare hosting space but can't really sign up to be an admin for that. :)

@scott shall we set up an instance of for the community? instances look like, can host multiple blogs and can be followed from Mastodon etc

As always, Justin O’Beirne‘s latest map analysis is superlative:

Ooo, I got a hat tip in the latest Fair Warning newsletter from @sophiewarnes!

Listen, I know why you’re here. You want to “talk to people” and “have them earnestly engage with you in return” or some bullshit like that. But, consider this: being a passive receptacle for the mediocre jokes of journalists in their early thirties.

Maybe, one day, they’ll retweet your jokes too! The sky is the limit!

I'm writing Fair Warning - a newsletter about data journalism & visualisation - and almost ready to send out. I'm two people away from 800 subscribers which is very weird but awesome. Sign up here

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