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ummmmmm i just saw bret victor talk about dynamicland and it upended all of my conceptions about programming, how had i not even known about this until now

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Would anyone know where or how to find generative art based on NLP, or people doing such thing?

@vlandham <slightly quieter>haha. gotta make my voice heard, no matter which echo chamber I'm in!</slightly quieter>

Normally I am oppose the use of gradients and drop shadows in a bar chart. But if the data is appealing enough, I can make an exception. 😉

@vlandham also thanks for replying to my inquiry on both platforms. :-P

@vlandham should have said: am asking on behalf of a workshop attendee -- grad student in biostatistics getting into data visualization, looking to connect with others already doing this work. :)

But sure, let's go for it. :)

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Twitter, Florida shooting Show more

@matth @sarahslo this is just the sort of exchange I hope would happen here. ☺️

Who out there is using for biostatistics?

“Strange Bird” is a new podcast “about the data behind our everyday lives with Mona Chalabi.”

And it’s published through a new UI by the Guardian Mobile Lab — part audio player, part chatbot, part photo viewer. It includes lots of charts, too!

@drawingdata Really neat, love this idea. It's not working for me in Safari, though, and I'm seeing some errors in the console. Had to scroll up/down a bunch before the highlighting was triggered. Really great concept, though, and lovely transitions!

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i tried a little "handdrawn" highlighting:
(the whole piece can be found here, but beware, it's in german

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Hey this new data comic by @matth is amazing. 👏

@matth Wow wow wow, I love it! I am not an illustrator but get hugely excited about using illustrations (including comics, specifically) with data. Fantastic work — thank you for sharing it here!

This is a first: seasonal data vis work!

NPR Visuals is hiring a Contract News Apps Developer to help cover the 2018 US midterm elections. A great opportunity to work with a fantastic team, short-term, in DC! But also a sign of maturity of the field — organizations hiring a “surge” of talent for newsy events.

Via data-vis-jobs / @arnicas

@jprctr totally. The article totally mischaracterizes what "downtown SF" is, but unless you were familiar with the area, you'd never know.

That said, all of SF is pretty dirty... Just not that dirty. :)