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“The Beloved Community License” is the most radical thing I've read all year.

Machine learning in the browser with JavaScript, as accessible as Processing and P5: 😮

Brought to you by the brilliant people at ITP, of course. 🙂

NEW POST: A further update about the Chartmaker Directory as it tip-toes towards its first anniversary of existence

Under the sun

There's one spot in the world right now,
where the sun is exactly overhead,
and it's this one:

My book is due to hit its 2nd birthday next week. Seems like I finished it only yesterday but work is due to commence on the 2nd edition shortly. I'd be really grateful for any satisfied book owners to submit short positive reviews on Amazon (or wherever they bought it) to help shape the nature of this 2nd edition release. The more satisfied people are, the less likely I will face huge amounts of changes, edits and beyond-scope additions. Thank you in advance!

A question for the D3 pros: what tools do you use for data munging? Javascript, Spreadsheets, SQL (or an ORM), R or Python, something else? If you use JS for most of it, I'd love to know more specifics regarding libraries (or maybe you're just aces with Array.prototype methods)

I went to Eyeo and had the chance to meet @briromer and @duncangeere among others. Then I jolted down a few thoughts on the flight back to Montréal:

“Conferencing in the age of the Internet”

I am so unskilled with all things aural and musical that I am in awe of people with such phonic talents. This is inspiring:

Okay, this looks very cool and I've begun to see it all over the web. But do we really need a standalone JS library to create a specific visual effect? For backgrounds, specifically? 🤔

To the hordes waiting to join and upset that new registrations are closed:

I'm going to reopen new registrations again after we update to 2.4.1, as that should help mitigate the spam problem slightly with more rigorous email validation.

Thanks to @alexwein and @matth as the latest supporters of! Your donations help keep the lights on here. 💡🐘

How to support:

Anyone in NYC should go see the Adrian Piper exhibition at MoMA, she has a lot of data-related work.

Let me know if you want to go together! I have $5 tickets and am definitely going again

NEW POST: Data visualisation programmes and qualifications.

Students and university staff, past and present: please help me add to, refine and trim this catalogue so it is kept up-to-date. now only shows posts from the local timeline, yay! 🎉

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