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The old adage "on the internet, nobody knows you're a dog" is so much more relevant now that so many of the people I talk to here are furries.

They want you to know they're a dog. Its pretty wonderful.

There I am.

Interested in , , , , and politics.

I'm going to start studying communication design in a few months in Potsdam, germany.

Main account is @erictapen

Excited to have a look at this instance!

Wonderful chart! This one is personal for me, as Portland is one of the few cities in the US which actually has an 🚡.

emptied my liberapay account

please be sure yall do the same before the 26th!

Does anyone have any recommendations for inexpensive hosting solutions (Python and Node) for art projects?

I like this idea for every city.
I think all the @toronto mayoral candidates should have to perform a commuter challenge. One week by bike (on Shaw), one by wheelchair, one by transit and one with a stroller. Then I’d like to compare their plans to fix navigating the city.

#bikeTO #a11y

I'm still really new in my job, and gave a big presentation today on my vision for what I'm doing. I feel *very* clever for coming up with this kale analogy:

Any idea who I should reach out to for hosting the d3 unconf this year? Probably 2 days over a week-end in Oct or Nov

Trying to be a good ally, updated my 🐘 bio in response to this thoughtful thread:

Still, tweaking one's bio is not a monumental step. Are there guides (for white/straight/male people) to being a good ally on social media?

Look, I made a thing! After I saw the awesome blog post on city street orientations, I generated some charts for European and German cities (and refactored Geoff's IPython notebook into a script on the way). If you want to see a map of your favourite city in this style, tell me about it and I'll see what I can do.

Great CodeNewbie episode, and now I have a professional crush on Sarah Drasner. ❤️☺️

Excellent round-up of graphics of the Thai cave rescue in the latest Naked Data.

The many cave maps and attempts to demonstrate scale have results in some beautiful artwork. But I often can't tell which way is up. (Perhaps this is an appropriate sensation to have, given the content.)

Many of these graphics mix "upright" cave cross-sections with bird's eye-view "flat" maps. Existing visual conventions don’t gracefully accommodate 3D paths like underground tunnels.

Got my book 📕?
Got a 📷 or📱?
Have access to an interesting view 🌅🏖️🧗🏼‍♀️⛴️🗻🌆🏜️?
Take part in ! ✅

A final push, back from the dead, to complete my project, now no limit on submissions.

Hi there Vis. I am from the internet. I make shiny things. This is a particle system in Unity. Will be posting more stuff as I make them.

New episode is up! How to Use Isochrone Maps for Art or Advanced Analysis - Featured Data Viz by Topi Tjukanov 🌎 What are isochrone maps, what’re they used for, and how can you make one?! 🎧

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