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The understatement of the year in a photo caption award goes to...

Oh, no! I just learned that my venerable web host, WebFaction, was acquired by GoDaddy. 🤢

I moved to WebFaction after using TextDrive for years. Then TextDrive became Joyent (ugh), then spun off once they realized they'd get rich on Node.js, then TextDrive was dead, then promises of revival, then… Well, another decade, another web host.

I just hate being forced to do maintenance on all my old sites and services. 🙂

Jobs: We are hiring at O'Reilly Media to expand our Learning Experience Team. (That's LX, for those in the know.)

Lead Learning Program Manager

Instructional Designer

Reach out with questions. Let's talk!

Chrome browser now auto-logs you in to itself. I noticed this a few days ago, and an happy to see the significance of this change written up so clearly. Makes me happy that I've stuck with Safari as my primary browser for years, and used Chrome only for dev work. blog.cryptographyengineering.c

“Why Love Generative Art?”

Beautiful, comprehensive, compelling writing on art by Jason Bailey (

@quephird I really find @nailpolishbot compelling, but some folks here at feel it's taken over the timeline a bit. Would you consider scaling back the frequency of posting to maybe every few hours, not once per hour?

This is soooo cool and relaxing! Fly the 787 Dreamliner in a WebGL browser, but using your smartphone as the controller. Brilliant!

Thanks to @aditya for the tip.

“The investigation into the Skripal poisoning, known as Operation Wedana, will stand as a high-profile test of an investigative technique Britain has pioneered: accumulating mounds of visual data and sifting through it.”

Start your own 🐘 instance, set new people to auto-follow you, generate vis showing how you are the essential center of the entire network muhahahaha

Half a year later. grew to 1 569 users. Here are the 1 684 users who follow @scott.

Visualized 647 with 2 or more incoming degrees (follows from this instance). Excluded accounts from other instances. Size by In-Degree (splined).

It's still a tightly knit community.

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Twitter is a horror show, @scott has given us sanctuary here... let's try and make work! Lot's of people talking about and moving to Mastodon this week, but nobody know how it works?

@bit101 Hey, yeah... I've been trying to work through everyone else's list, but it's most data viz people (which is great!). I know @scott's intention was for more creative coders too... let's get on that!!! Invite your friends!! ✊

I am a maths student at the university of York currently working on a web application for visualising structures that exist in in the integers!

I'm not the most experienced programmer so it's tough going but this seems like a good place to share it

it's loosely related to this interactive thing I made a couple years ago on my website:

I think @lisacrost may have my dream job. She answers the most pressing questions, like what colors should I use to encode gender?

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