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Hey, we now have a directory! Add hashtag interests to your profile, and check the profile box to opt in to be listed there, so people can find you.

Everyone: use on your profile bio and opt in to the directory:

only poor me there atm..

Hey everyone! I'm an aspiring 3D artist here looking to improve their work. New to Mastodon and would love any advice that you can give me. :3 I've arbitrarily attached a screenshot of one of my works for the fun of it.


Flesh out = build up / put together

Flush out = get rid of / 💩

So many people say the latter when they mean the former.

Since I'm apparently my team's infoviz expert, and there's apparently a specific social network for that type of person (this place!)... Hello everyone!

Here's a photo of me planning out my colour math on a napkin at a cafe with a conveniently rainbow menu.

Hey Y'all New To This New Social Network Trying To Figure Out How It's Working And Find A Good Group. & Yes I'm Tired Of These Old Social Network... WELCOME 🙏

Just renewed the domain for another year. Thanks to supporting donors and all you wacky people for keeping this experiment going.

Looking into self-hosted Google Analytics alternatives, and… the competition is not so good, right? Matomo seems like the leader, but they are *really* pushing the paid version, and the self-hosted version relies on a lot of dependencies I don't want, like MySQL.

In my ideal world there would be some super-simple Node.js script that uses SQLite as a backing store, or an Nginx plugin, but I guess it doesn't exist? 🤔

Hey beautiful people.

Always make time to take care of yourself. It’s going to look different from day to day, but make sure you always have space for you.

It matters. It makes a difference.

OK *someone* here started following a bunch of, um, adult accounts, so the federated timeline here on was getting a bit, um, porny.

I've cleaned the timeline a bit, so as not to scare aware new folks or creep out current ones. You are all still free to follow whomever you desire — but those follows won't all appear on the federated timeline.

Submit a report if you see any porn accounts appearing there and I will filter them out.

Exploring new project ideas and looking for visualisations of protocols/minutes/records. Any recommendations?

Crayola had a line of tech-themed crayons in 1997 called "Techno-Brite"

One of the peculiarities of :mastodon: is the lack of text search.

This is actually beneficial! It makes it harder for trolls to search for words or phrases for the purposes of harassment. But the con of this is that it makes it difficult for people to discover your public posts.

That's where hashtags come in! Hashtags are fully searchable/subscribe-able between federated instances, So if you want your art/comics/musings to be seen, hashtags are the best way to reach a specific audience!

Anyone out there looking for a data viz job? We're a small team in a big non-profit / think tank working to communicate policy ideas + data into good visuals. We mostly work in React and D3. Position is based in Washington DC.

HMU if you're interested!

cc @scott

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