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Recommendation for best ad blocker for Safari and/or Chrome on Mac? (Last I looked into this, uBlock Origin was best, but now it's no longer supported in Safari.)

"My paintings translate words into visual language." So much great data art & inspiration in the paintings by Leslie Roberts: via

i love this program. just wanted to share that with everyone.

Does anyone know of any good resources listing dataviz conferences?

This is a beautiful history lesson on , in and . Check it out if you have 50 minutes to spare!

"It’s so much easier to do more than it is to do less." – What a great new episode of the PolicyViz podcast! @jschwabish asks all the right questions and @LazaroGamio says all the smart things. And designs awesome visualizations for @axios like this one:

In the meantime… I haven't been super active on here. Please submit your spam reports, and reach out if you see anything shady going on! :)

My contract is ending soon and I’m looking for my next role. I’m an information designer & UX architect with a specialty in visualization (eg: systems for reporting or communicating data). Seattle/remote. Bonus points for roles saving the world. Intros welcome. Thank you!

Hello! I'm a designer & a grad student from Syracuse University. I'm working on my master's thesis (not related to dataviz) and learning d3. I wanted to be an engineer, then a product designer, and then a photographer. I have since settled on working to make information useful.

See what your part of the world looked like before photography:

Maybe they asked their data, and what it said was “your people love wine.”

Compelling new “ask your data” feature in Tableau, but I think that Tableau thinks their users must be really into… wine?

May as well start with a bit of

I got annoyed at using our weird system --> 24:60:60, so I made a clock face. It is currently 78.7655% of the way through the day, or around six minutes to seven in old money. I still feel like a four year old trying to read this.

Hi! Giving this mastodon thing a try out. I'm an enthusiast who mostly uses to get the job done hopefully heading to the physical land of soon. Where to next? ? ?

Hey, we now have a directory! Add hashtag interests to your profile, and check the profile box to opt in to be listed there, so people can find you.

Everyone: use on your profile bio and opt in to the directory:

only poor me there atm..

Hey everyone! I'm an aspiring 3D artist here looking to improve their work. New to Mastodon and would love any advice that you can give me. :3 I've arbitrarily attached a screenshot of one of my works for the fun of it.

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