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Diversity and Inclusion scholarships for under-represented people including but not limited to "race, gender, identity, accessibility needs, socio-economic status, as well as fields of study/employment/participation.". Pass it along to your friends and co-workers!

…and by "best" I mean it was the least shady in terms of privacy practices. It certainly was not the simplest to install.

Recommendation for best ad blocker for Safari and/or Chrome on Mac? (Last I looked into this, uBlock Origin was best, but now it's no longer supported in Safari.)

"My paintings translate words into visual language." So much great data art & inspiration in the paintings by Leslie Roberts: via

i love this program. just wanted to share that with everyone.

Does anyone know of any good resources listing dataviz conferences?

This is a beautiful history lesson on , in and . Check it out if you have 50 minutes to spare!

"It’s so much easier to do more than it is to do less." – What a great new episode of the PolicyViz podcast! @jschwabish asks all the right questions and @LazaroGamio says all the smart things. And designs awesome visualizations for @axios like this one:

In the meantime… I haven't been super active on here. Please submit your spam reports, and reach out if you see anything shady going on! :)

My contract is ending soon and I’m looking for my next role. I’m an information designer & UX architect with a specialty in visualization (eg: systems for reporting or communicating data). Seattle/remote. Bonus points for roles saving the world. Intros welcome. Thank you!

Hello! I'm a designer & a grad student from Syracuse University. I'm working on my master's thesis (not related to dataviz) and learning d3. I wanted to be an engineer, then a product designer, and then a photographer. I have since settled on working to make information useful.

See what your part of the world looked like before photography:

Maybe they asked their data, and what it said was “your people love wine.”

Compelling new “ask your data” feature in Tableau, but I think that Tableau thinks their users must be really into… wine?

May as well start with a bit of

I got annoyed at using our weird system --> 24:60:60, so I made a clock face. It is currently 78.7655% of the way through the day, or around six minutes to seven in old money. I still feel like a four year old trying to read this.

Hi! Giving this mastodon thing a try out. I'm an enthusiast who mostly uses to get the job done hopefully heading to the physical land of soon. Where to next? ? ?

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