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So you can take the Portland Aerial Tram up to the OSHU complex near Stonehenge radio tower, which I knew, but what I *didn't* know is you can veer right as soon as you get off the tram and walk along an AMAZING patio area that overlooks the whole frickin' Willamette Valley/Portland area—cafe tables and all.

Oh I'm coming back up here, no doubt about it!
#portland #oregonexplored


Working with D3 to make research on blockchains, their economics, their algorithms more accessible.

Interactions with visualisations provide interfaces to the complex systems supporting blockchains. Here is one example!

More generally, I am interested in using data and interfaces to communicate research in an empowering way. This is both social and visual :)

Looking forward to more great content here!

Dear lovers: ♥️

This service costs about $650 per year to operate. Please consider a tiny recurring donation of $1/month to keep the lights on. 💰

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Thanks to @kristinHenry and @darth_mall for their support!

For my next DIY project, I successfully made my own cold brew coffee this weekend. ☕️

It turns out it's not rocket science, and coincidentally, the coffee shop markup on cold brew is insane. I mean, it takes less energy and is way easier to make than hot-brewed coffee, so it should actually cost less. 🙂

Hey Mastodon admins: Anyone have ideas on how to direct people to my donate links? See my post:

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Happy independence day (for those in the US)!

I successfully executed a DIY electrical repair yesterday, without electrocuting myself. So, yeah, I'm feeling , at least from having to shell out $200 to an electrician. ⚡️💸

Handheld Multi-frame Super-resolution

Great video demo showing a new image process that squeezes more pixels out of the pixels you already have. I ♥️ smart people!

Wonderful interactive illustrating principles of diffusion in networks.

(Recent measles outbreaks are top of mind for me right now.)

Hi, folks. I no longer have the capacity to run Thank you for all of your donations over the past year to cover the costs. We're now spending ~$55/mo. on hosting, plus some administrative costs (like the domain name).

Anyone interested in shepherding

So many spam accounts, so little time. May have to lock down new registrations for a while and clean house.

Amazing narrative video illustration of wealth inequality and a clear explanation of a “wealth tax”:

For those of you who are thinking about diversity, inclusion and representativity in dataviz and what you can do, I wrote a blog post of my experience using an inclusion rider as a speaker at a data-related conference.

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