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world =
Hello world!

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"we have so much data these days, why aren't we using 3D visualizations?" - discuss

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All the buildings of Manhattan, silhouetted, ordered by height.

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A recent little project I made Boggle-clone in R Shiny, generating boards in ggplot2 (it's pretty rough around the edges, but I'm super proud of it)

“Visual FAQ: What Trump’s Tax Cuts Mean For Oregonians”

This story develops a clear visual system for explaining deductions, exemptions, and tax rates. Even I can understand it!

“Hidden secrets in new Scottish £10 banknote revealed”

/via Sophie Warnes’s stellar Fair Warning newsletter:

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TIL there's a fine line between " catacomb" and "macaron" 😬

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If you're interested in visualization on mobile devices, all of the 17 papers for an upcoming workshop that I'm co-organizing are now freely accessible at

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Latest project: My search for the 'correct'' mascara. Love to receive your feedback /

Lots of new members here on this week. (We are up to 923 in total!)

Where is everyone coming from? (Geographically, but also how did you hear about this place?)

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Finally launched my new ongoing side project comparing Germany and the Holy Land

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Are most people here newsy type viz? Any corporate-y viz people? I recently moved from the former to the latter and I’d be interested to know how other companies structure their viz teams. It’s kind of new concept to my company and I’m currently the lone viz person on a team of data scientists 😶

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I've updated my brief introduction to Mastodon with a new heading: "How private is "Private"?":

I've reprinted it here because it should be read.

I cannot stress this enough: Private toots are not encrypted or secure.

The admin of your server can read any toot posted on their server, as well as any toot sent to a user on their server. This is a necessary security precaution.

Thanks to @kristinHenry’s great question, I’ve asked on the forums “how to foster inclusivity and welcome new members to Mastodon”.

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I’m formulating a plan for inclusion efforts on, with the goal of making this a more diverse (and therefore more valuable and sustainable) social space.

But… I don't know what I'm doing! Please review and comment to me here, or in the doc:


Searching for answers online and getting my own publicly posted questions back in search results… 🙄

Hey everyone you should check out @yasai’s gorgeous work. :)