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I was wondering what you think about a stepwise (?) interpolation for line charts (instead of linear)? I've been using it for election results recently as I think it's a better representation of the data (as the results do not change over time, but on election day).

I've also used it for displaying multiple results at a time, and while I was happy with the bar/density-like effect between the changes at first, I'm starting to think linear is somewhat clearer in this case.

Ready, set, go! The submission system for the @ieeevis Arts Program @visapnet is now open. Instructions and details are here: …. Looking forward to receiving a new lot of amazing submissions!

“Design for an Audience”

A+ talk, featuring years of superlative work, by @13pt. Thanks, Jonathan, for so often documenting your presentations online.

Cutting a bagel into a Möbius strip means “I don’t have to remove my knife from the bagel’s spreading surface… except to get more cream cheese.”

❤️❤️ ❤️ Eugenia Chang 😁

“Stack Overflow isn’t very welcoming. It’s time for that to change.”

Good to see a new emphasis on being *welcoming*.

See this thoughtful write-up explaining the origins of that project:

Would anyone here be interested in forking and extending that project to work for Mastodon? You'd need experience working with Python and APIs. See my issue here:

Twitter *doesn’t* tell you the gender balance of the people *you* follow. But this brilliant person wrote some code to estimate just that. And the good news is I follow only slightly more (estimated) men than women or nonbinary folks. This estimate is also slightly more optimistic about my own followers, placing them at only 75% male, not 80%.

Try for yourself:

So… that’s one problem. Why so many (estimated) dudes? Urgh. I hope I’m not tweeting all manner of sexist jokes, making women uncomfortable. Or that my profile pic isn’t too predatory in appearance.

In any case…

Hey if you heard the podcast discussion with @jschwabish, you heard me speculate that “maybe” early members skewed male because “maybe” mostly men followed me on Twitter, and Twitter is the only place where I promoted, initially.

Um, well, I just learned that Twitter’s analytics estimates your follower gender balance for you, and, er…

My team did this last week. Read a story about logging in last primeval forest in Poland

I've been meaning to post a vizzy project I'm working on, which looks to see if data can be used to improve a team's performance in this beautiful sport called Ultimate Frisbee.

However I don't think I could share the full report so here is one of the vizzes I've made for it.

Part of this project is to find out if the team has been playing as a mixed team, so the links have been color coded to show the gender of thrower and the receiver!

If anyone has experiences or interest in using data to help team performances I'd love to have a chat!

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also on the podcast, @scott reflects explicitly and at length about trying to get a more diverse group of users on, community management, etc.

check it out!


I've got the one and only @scott on this week's episode of . We talk about and other great stuff! |

I think Solari boards, like those found in old train stations, are one of the coolest kinds of data visualizations. So I'm making a digital one.

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