🎉 New Year’s resolution: Become less dependent on services like Dropbox, Twitter, Google, etc. Use open, decentralised and/or self-hosted alternatives instead. First stop: ! Find me on 🐘 Mastodon: @sjockers

@sjockers Fantastic! Welcome, and do share what you discover as you move away from centralized services. I found this helpful, to a point:

Dropbox is one I'm sticking with, for now. I don't have the time or capacity to be my own sysadmin for something like NextCloud, but wish I did. Until then, I'll fork over $99/year…

@scott Thanks for running this platform and for the link! Getting rid of Dropbox is my next step. I am currently checking out a hosted NextCloud service. I will share what I learn in the process!

@sjockers @scott you know you can also try Keybase as dropbox alternative, right? not centralized, but it’s end to end encrypted so nobody can analyze your files etc. i’m a happy user for over a year now. only downside is that i don’t know how long they’ll keep running the service, they’ve become a little quiet lately

@sjockers @gka thanks! Simon, would love to hear what you discover. Gregor, I didn't realize keybase can be used in that way. Also I recently heard of

Via that DDG link, and also

I have a list of other services bookmarked somewhere...

@scott @sjockers @gka Just saying hello as I quietly take notes in the corner. I'm always looking for opportunities to diversify my account allegiances, thanks for all the links!

@wjsellers @sjockers @gka of course. Please share if you find other great services. :)

@darth_mall @sjockers ah yes, thanks! That's the list I was thinking of but it's buried in my bookmarks. Cc @gka

@scott @sjockers I set up ownCloud last year, moved to it from Dropbox and iCloud Drive alike. Ended up having some usability problems with it, plus everyone kept saying to switch to Nextcloud, so I did today. Very happy with it so far!! I think everyone with some tech chops should try out NextCloud— spinning it up on a Digital Ocean VPS is pretty straightforward.

@jared @sjockers awesome, thanks for the tip! I'll see if my current host (Gandi) support nextcloud installs.

@jared @sjockers Jared, could you share any pointed out setting up Nextcloud on Digital Ocean? Or what size / specs for your VPS? The prices I'm seeing for a VPS (with other providers) are exorbitant (~$150/mo+) for how much Dropbox storage I use (300MB+).

@scott @sjockers Ah yes — the trick is NOT to use the droplet storage itself but add on a block storage volume. I have the 2GB RAM $10 droplet (but probably the $5 would work fine), and I've attached a 100GB volume for the data which is roughly $10/month. So ~$20/month total, which is certainly more than Dropbox but worth it to me to have full control over and access to my data.

@sjockers I would however add to that: Stop mindlessly using "free-of-charge" service. Consider the value services do have for you. Consider using ethical pay-per-use services, or paying people to provide you with services you can't run on your own.

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