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📢 Berlin news nerds! Let's get together for a social Hacks/Hackers meetup this coming Wednesday at Pratergarten and discuss the latest in newsroom tech & data journalism.

🤑 Weekly Chart! For the Datawrapper blog I wrote a thing about global warming, capitalism, and log scales.

🔥🔥🔥 Time to panic: There's only one chart we should be looking at, and it keeps going up.

For Chartable, the blog, I visualized voter turnout at the and wrote about my chart choices.

🚨🚨🚨 Attention news nerds! 🚨🚨🚨

This coming Thursday, Hacks/Hackers Berlin is back at Join us for short talks and socializing around data journalism & digital news design topics!

Interesting panel discussion from : How does funding from Google and other digital platforms impact journalism? (And yes, the festival's main sponsors were both Google and Facebook, and this video is hosted on Youtube...)

We've spent most of the weekend hacking on election data and public statistics at . If you want to see what we did, join us for the final presentations starting around 2:15 at in Berlin! No registration required.

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We have already started to collect project ideas and inspiration for the weekend in a collaborative doc. Add your own!

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🇪🇺 Journalists, designers, hackers, and policy nerds of Berlin! If you want to prototype & hack with us on data & digital tools around the upcoming elections, we have some last spots left for the this coming weekend.

🇪🇺 Europeans! Join us at the hackday and work with us on digital tools and open data around elections and democracy! April 6-7 in Berlin 🇪🇺


Hacks/Hackers Berlin is back in March! Join us in the brand new newsroom of taz, Germany's original progressive, independent and cooperative-owned newspaper to discuss open source tools, funding, and nonprofit journalism.

Four language Wikipedias — German, Czech, Danish, and Slovak — have decided to black out the sites in opposition to the current version of the EU Copyright Directive.

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Operation blackout: The German Wikipedia has blacked out today in protest of and of the proposed EU copyright directive 👏

📢 Alright, Berlin news nerds listen up: The Hacks/Hackers meetup is back with a special edition on maps & journalism! See you next Tuesday at the Zeit Online newsroom.

The text of the EU directive has been finalised and it looks fierce. has everything you need to know about the proposed European link tax and upload filters. And explains what *you* can do to stop it! ✊

☀️📈 It’s official: 2018 was the fourth hottest year in 140 years of recorded history – with the five hottest years being the last five. My colleague has taken a closer look at the numbers.

📈 Chart of the week: makes great charts that go beyond what you thought was possible with Check out his very complicated, very simple range plot.

Big announcement: I have a new job! Monday is my first day at Datawrapper, where I will help to make even better data vis tools. 🙌

🎉 New Year’s resolution: Become less dependent on services like Dropbox, Twitter, Google, etc. Use open, decentralised and/or self-hosted alternatives instead. First stop: ! Find me on 🐘 Mastodon: @sjockers

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