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The Tale of Spiral Island.. An analogy for the #Fediverse

The Fediverse Diversity Foundation website is just a draft created some time ago. But I intend to make it part of #SocialCoding Movement in the near future.

(Site needs to be further improved then)

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I'm currently learning how to draw electronic schematics and had the feeling that i need to move past . I used open source for the first time. I'm a total noob but i was able to create schematics without any introduction! I love it when software is approachable and easy to use.

@matt: as a designer i value simplicity but while being more legible, the right columns completely lack identity. I you pinch your eyes they all look the same ^^

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about student deals in software:
i'm almost done with my diploma and worked for years in . After i'm done with uni, i have to subscribe to or years of my work is basically locked up. They own the key to my porfolio. At the beginning of my studies i thought "oh thats nice, students don't have to pay for the app" but now i'm realizing that it is a cruel and unethical practice. You should always be able to access your own work.

@jonny: ✨oh it's your dissertation! Good luck with your last steps. The sneak peaks have already been a good read :D

@jonny: i would like to read more of this please? 💜

one thing that really helped me switching to zorin was . I'm collecting and sorting a lot of bookmarks and the sync feature made me feel instantly at home.

one other thing i need to replace are volume meshes from . It's a convenient way to unify multiple meshes to one watertight model without loosing the ability to edit all parts separate. I know how to do this in but would like to create a FOSS workflow with . If you know how to do this let me know :) (-> 3)

i'm currently in the process of switching from win10 to on my workstation. I really enjoy the os. It is so clean and simple. There are a view missing elements in my workflow that keep me tied to win but i think i will solve them eventually. I love visual coding with and for now did not find a true replacement. One thing i really like in td is that nodes always display a snapshot of the current data. (->2)

ban ads
- no ads on sites
- no ads in content
- no influencer deals
- no led walls
- no paper trash
- no spots
- no unnecessary packaging
- no bullshit jobs

i know, let a girl dream

i've been learning all day. It's a lot, but also so empowering. ✨

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Informatics researchers raise privacy concerns about data sharing on Android phones

The team examined the Operating Systems (OS) developed by #Samsung, #Xiaomi, #Huawei#Realme#LineageOS and e/OS and data that these collect.

#Murena #Degoogled #Privacy

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