New around here, here's my :

I'm Solune, data science enthusiast based in Zürich, CH. I advocate for an explainable and transparent use of Machine Learning and am passionate about the ethical issues raised by such machinery.

I believe in a decentralized future for the Internet. I advocate for the increasing use of bicycles () and I want cities back to their citizens rather than to cars or industrial activities. I care overly about urban planning and public transport.

@solune I have been bicycling almost all my life and I agree with you... but what about electric? Three things that can be an issue is climate, time and storage capacity. How do you think this can be solved?

People overhere use cars to drive their kids to school and then themselves to work. Then grocery shopping.. and it can be -20 celcius outside.


@shellkr Hey :) What electrical fleet do you consider? If you're talking electric bikes, I agree that the climate can be an issue for sure (we're quite safe from that yet in Switzerland, so did not really theorize that much on it). Time is very dependent on the neighborhood. If you live in a city center, there are good chances to be faster by bike than in the metro network. Not only if you're a sport champion but also because you don't suffer from peak hours with a good infrastructure.

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