New around here, here's my :

I'm Solune, data science enthusiast based in Zürich, CH. I advocate for an explainable and transparent use of Machine Learning and am passionate about the ethical issues raised by such machinery.

I believe in a decentralized future for the Internet. I advocate for the increasing use of bicycles () and I want cities back to their citizens rather than to cars or industrial activities. I care overly about urban planning and public transport.

@solune Welcome! I’m over in Portland, Oregon like halfway around the world (of course) but I agree with pretty much everything you say.

Though… after a really nasty injury on a bicycle, I’m leaning more towards recumbants these days as safer, more efficient, and more amenable to 3 wheels. But yes efficient, safe and quiet modes of transport are really cool.


@cy Thank you!
Sorry to hear that you had an injury! We're for sure very vulnerable on a two-wheels vehicle. Therefore we need a safe infrastructure ideally separated from the cars that the three-wheels are also welcome to use ;)

@solune Oh I have had a fender bender with an auto before, but actually this injury was on a smoothly paved side road devoid of automobiles, in good conditions, while I was coasting at maybe five or ten miles an hour. Annnd my collar bone snapped in half. That’s why I’m so leery of bicycles specifically, because I’ve gotten more injuries on them than anything else, and because that last one was just… I’d have been just as injured if I’d been dropped from that height at a standstill.

“Safety bicycles” are still just too elevated and top heavy in my opinion. They’re a great classic design that’s done us well for over a century but I think we need something like this to ride around on:

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