@cy Thank you!
Sorry to hear that you had an injury! We're for sure very vulnerable on a two-wheels vehicle. Therefore we need a safe infrastructure ideally separated from the cars that the three-wheels are also welcome to use ;)

@shellkr And as for the buses, my experience in Seattle was that even if they're cheap, they're mainly seen as a transportation mode for poor/students/minorities. Helping people understand that there're more than that and could bring major improvement to daily life in urban areas is direly needed (air pollution, noise, traffic jams, ...).
But imo this also comes along with obligatory investments into the PT fleet and customer care from the city council.

@shellkr This is exactly my view as well. I think we were in a transition period where the car could be considered as a personal good. But as I see it, with the increasing convenience of car rental solutions (think car coming to you instead of the opposite), spontaneous renting could be the mainstream in 20+ year.
This feels more rational to me for people in cities at least. Then you can use the storage/4 wheels/etc only when in need.

@shellkr As of storage capacity, I don't think it's an issue in comparison with the space that we are willing to give to cars in cities.

I think that most could be achieved in European urban areas by a combination of public transports and biking for the last miles (always the most costly/timely part for the PT). However, this does not necessarily applies as is to US urban areas I reckon. PNW have already built in this direction with fast buses allowing bikes to be taken with.

@shellkr Hey :) What electrical fleet do you consider? If you're talking electric bikes, I agree that the climate can be an issue for sure (we're quite safe from that yet in Switzerland, so did not really theorize that much on it). Time is very dependent on the neighborhood. If you live in a city center, there are good chances to be faster by bike than in the metro network. Not only if you're a sport champion but also because you don't suffer from peak hours with a good infrastructure.

@docskrzyk In Zürich, we got the things moving. The critical masses gained unseen traction this Summer and we got an initiative (ruling from the people that gets a general voting and that is binding for the city council) which plans 50kms of fast cycling lanes fully separated from the traffic.
This is great news because we are quite good for the leisure lane network but we sucked for people aiming to ride fast

@docskrzyk Oh the opening door without warning is a classic. I witness it pretty often here too. Good to here that they had such politics in Chicago.

Automatically generated QAnon 'theories' 

@jeroenpraat Did you generate them yourself?

@docskrzyk Ride on! 🚴‍♂️ 🚴‍♀️ How was is biking in Chicago metro? I lived in Seattle for a year and even if there were some effort made by the authorities (e.g. Burk-Gilman trail) for the biking community, it was still very stressful in most places

@geyer No not directly, but I noticed you joined around the time that the `you may be using Mastodon wrong` article was posted on HN and you just toothed about Mathematics for CS which was also featured on there :)

Yes I agree, excited about getting a community around creative coding and more

@stevelord Amazing work! I was not very familiar with the Solarpunk movement but after reading your post, I realized I had been trying to words on what you call post-millennial tension for years

@geyer looks like there are people joining from HackerNews, am I right?

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OMG, am dying!!!

Someone used the bug GitHub refused to fix, that allows you to add a commit to a repo you don’t control... to upload YouTube-dl to the DMCA request repo on GitHub.


It's weird to be back on a social media after so many years off Facebook, Twitter and other craps... I (re)joined on here because it seems like the sense of a community could be achieved more easily (plus the cool federated tech ofc). Gives me somehow of some IRC feels but the timeline is just more intimidating

New around here, here's my :

I'm Solune, data science enthusiast based in Zürich, CH. I advocate for an explainable and transparent use of Machine Learning and am passionate about the ethical issues raised by such machinery.

I believe in a decentralized future for the Internet. I advocate for the increasing use of bicycles () and I want cities back to their citizens rather than to cars or industrial activities. I care overly about urban planning and public transport.


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