@publicvoit hi! Was reading your blog and found some dead links. Hope you don’t mind me pointing this out. On the link named Twitter leads to a dead short link site. Backlinks on are dead. Here’s an archived version of the first: second:

@publicvoit I’ve started to use a zettelkasten for my notes relating to a DnD campaign I run and with company suggesting links it feels like a wiki growing on its own. Especially when reading a note about a character and seeing that its backlinked from different session notes. I think it might help continuity. Will probably move more notes to my org-roam set up.

@tetov I was using an URL shortener which was discontinued - quite unfortunate. I replace those links with working ones and took your WaybackMachine URLs for the Zettelkasten-article. Changes are online. Thanks again! 🙇

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