spending the next month and a half in hotels. Living on the road is fine and all but I don't feel like getting run over when I take a nap.

I just heard a "Bless your heart" in the wild. Best reminder that I live in the South.

@lynnesbian I have no idea but they shiver me timbers so keep at it matey

Don't you hate when you install an operating system and it just works? Like, give me something to fix, something I can actually do here.

Hey Heartless, it's nice to meet you

@mike Best ever advertisement to go to something better (like Linux)

I'm sorry, I don't have any of that. If I give you my bank account information, will that work instead?

@ben I heard a lot of people did. A plethora of them even.

@sireebob@cybre.space TCP is nice and stable, the marrying type of protocol. UDP is just straight up sexier though, never know what it's gonna do.

Everything needs to be in electron. It makes all things better obviously.

@bobstechsite @ChrisWere
Just don't forget what happened with Netscape back in the day. Internet Explorer started from about the same position Edge is in now.

As soon as I heard of this, three words came to mind. Embrace. Extend. Extinguish.
Microsoft has said as much already. They plan to embrace the standard and extend functionality with their Edge browser.
How long before we see the extinguish party come along?

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