A web developer falls asleep in a train. As the train goes and each car's wheels make the characteristic double thud, the developer has a nightmare:

finished my post on climbing, camping, and using the SUP in Frankenjura 🇩🇪travisshears.com/blog/weekend-

Doing some photo editing this morning. Left/Right After/Before

Love this simple web app for making site maps octopus.do/ used it with several of my students this semester on their final projects. 👍

Stranger Things spoliers 

Watching Stranger Things + Russian girlfriend. Oh Hollywood why is your Russian stereotype so bad 😔

started a sensor data project with my girlfriend. the first events are rolling in!

Just discovered switching.software . Great little resource for finding open source / ethical programs.

everything was broken -- blame git lfs 

I tried to add to my site this morning. Hugo was giving an error "unknown image type". First I thought it was Hugo so I updated version and reinstalled. No luck. Mac preview was not working either. So I looked into how to fix corrupted images. Figured why not try opening with a text editor. BOOM! GIT LFS hash stuffs. Read docs and did a `git lfs checkout` and all the images are back. 🎉

Just played kids playables.itch.io/kids with my girlfriend. Finished in a single 30 min session. beginner friendly. Felt like visiting a museum. Simple yet captivating animation.

trying IRC for the first time 🤓. using irssi.org. so far navigating not so easy

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