finished my post on climbing, camping, and using the SUP in Frankenjura 🇩🇪

Doing some photo editing this morning. Left/Right After/Before

Love this simple web app for making site maps used it with several of my students this semester on their final projects. 👍

Stranger Things spoliers 

Watching Stranger Things + Russian girlfriend. Oh Hollywood why is your Russian stereotype so bad 😔

started a sensor data project with my girlfriend. the first events are rolling in!

Just discovered . Great little resource for finding open source / ethical programs.

everything was broken -- blame git lfs 

I tried to add to my site this morning. Hugo was giving an error "unknown image type". First I thought it was Hugo so I updated version and reinstalled. No luck. Mac preview was not working either. So I looked into how to fix corrupted images. Figured why not try opening with a text editor. BOOM! GIT LFS hash stuffs. Read docs and did a `git lfs checkout` and all the images are back. 🎉

Just played kids with my girlfriend. Finished in a single 30 min session. beginner friendly. Felt like visiting a museum. Simple yet captivating animation.

trying IRC for the first time 🤓. using so far navigating not so easy

git-bisect uses a binary search algorithm to find which commit in your project’s history introduced a bug. You use it by first telling it a "bad" commit that is known to contain the bug and a "good" commit that is known to be before the bug was introduced. Then git bisect picks a commit between those two points and asks you whether the selected commit is "good" or "bad". It continues narrowing down the range until it finds the exact commit that introduced the change.

My new video game joy NBA 2K20 on Switch 

There is some unrest in the community around the amount of micro transactions in the game. 💰💰💰 I play 'my league' and there are no transactions there. The game has many hours of fun even if you just play that mode.

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