Flight shame, or flygskam, is an anti-flying social movement, with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of aviation.

*checks prices of trains and other alternatives, but everything is at least 500% the price of flying*

fattigskam is more like it.

@neauoire depends on the country; north america’s rail network used to be a shining beacon (see the hitchcock film North by Northwest) but since around nixon’s day, and some kind of incident involving amway, has been shamefully neglected for anything but cargo.

go to europe or japan and it would be weird to use anything other than the train.

@zens @neauoire As a European (Germany) I think I have to disagree here. While the rail infrastructure is clearly in better shape than in the U.S. of A., many if not most people still choose planes over trains and trains are always more expensive, which is the real tragedy.

@zens @neauoire
And the main reason is that fuel prices for planes are kept artificially low. They're not taxed. If they were we could (pre-pandemic nrs) easily fund a complete renewal of the entire EU railway network.

Turnin rail networks into a "free" market in the last decades also didn't help. Night trains were cancelled all over the place (because profits, I assume)

@vanderZwan @chillja @neauoire that’s just evil; rails are a natural monopoly; privatisation makes no sense


@zens @chillja @neauoire right? Same with electricity providers. It's weird because the actual infrastructure is still handled by the local governments in both cases (the companies "rent" it from them). So I really don't get what the market part is supposed to add. I'm betting on rent-seeking.

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