I wonder if there's such a thing as guerilla gardening geocaching.

Planted wheat, barley and mustard greens at 50°8.409'N 124°56.842'W

Planted lentils, mung beans and radishes at 50°8.527'N 124°40.195'W


Went back to check up on the lentils and fenugreek seeds I've thrown around.

I expected one or two seeds per mudball to sprout, not all of them.

@neauoire ope you've proven that island is fertile growing ground now, I give it a week until some billionaire buys that island as "farmland"

(jokes aside, that's awesome that you're getting growth on what probably amounts to muskeg?)


@klardotsh @neauoire I'd be more concerned about wildlife eating the harvest (speaking as someone who lost all his tomatoes and most other things that weren't salad to the rabbits and rats last year (not mad, they just trying to live too (surprised the rabbits like brussel sprouts so much though)))

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