I think I want to design and build a desktop environment. I believe I've figured out all the different parts I need for this.

Assigning applications to windows is working!

I only have 64kb of memory to work with, but it's going jam-packed with goodies.

Awyis! First directory listing. Gonna have to turn this into icons..

Managed to bind a top menu to a window's application manifest. This whole thing is now at 4514 bytes in size.

If I can keep all desktop environment stuff under 8kb, it'll leave plenty of space for fun stuff.

Dragging windows around makes it feel a bit more real. I love i3's win+click to drag any window under the cursor, so I went with something like that.

You need to press B button the NDS to move the window with the stylus.

While full background redraw is fine on a raspberry pi, it might be a bit heavy on slower devices so I think I'll use this trick, draw an outline of the drag, and only redraw on release.

That works!!

Strictly a preference thing, but you're not going to put the icons on the right side like the classic mac? Do we have Windows 95 nostalgia mixed in, too? 😆

@RL_Dane Probably not, it would be a slower and more complicated code to align right haha.

Interesting. I hadn't thought of that.
Of course, it wasn't actually right-aligned in the classic macos, but rather centered below the icon, but you have to make the best use of the screen real estate as you see fit.

@RL_Dane I'm trying to make it as fast/small as I know how to make it, most of the drawing of the screen is one big hack!



@neauoire @RL_Dane
Are you familiar with Bill Atkinson's QuickDraw tricks? I suspect the answer is "yes" but asking just in case because they seem to be somewhat forgotten because Apple used to have a patent on them.


The original source code in all of its 68K glory is available here:


(I know I had a bookmark of a blogpost explaining how the region trick in the patent worked, but I can't find it now)

@neauoire @RL_Dane

This might have been the blog post I was thinking of.


(tangent: what happened to online search? Filtering out irrelevant search results to find this was an incredible pain)

@vanderZwan @neauoire

I was mentioning Atkinson's QD tricks a while ago, but didn't have a source for them. Thanks for the info!!

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