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NEW POST: A roundup of some of the finest visualisation-related content discovered during May visualisingdata.com/2018/07/be

Includes this great piece by the World Bank.

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NEW POST: A compilation of the best data visualisation related stuff discovered during April 2018


Including these great works by @taylorbaldwin and @amycesal

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Heading home from , which was really, really good! Hard to identify a common theme or thread but a great summary of what’s going on right now.

My highlights: Shan Carter’s talk on sci comm / distill.pub, @maarten ‘s talk on xerographics, Aaron Williams on mapping segregation in the US.. lots of good for thought.

Also interesting that the big themes of the last years: storytelling and physical/analogue viz were not really discussed (or selected by the committee).

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I swear, @lisacrost is doing the most clear and accessible writing about data vis principles today. Read her latest: blog.datawrapper.de/dualaxis/

sneak preview of new blog post I've been working on. Join me for an introduction to Altair - a new(ish) python package for declarative interactive data visualization!


done in my traditional far-to-wordy rambling style.

But I am really excited about using Altair, and hopefully you will be too after reading 1/3rd this post before giving up and just reading the Altair docs!

Hey! Everybody should come to OpenVis Conf this year! It’s in Paris - which is a lot closer to some people than it’s ever been.

We have nothing but amazing speakers lined up, and some really great workshops that you can attend.

Check it out!


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Website with visualization works from my students now including all projects from last years. t.co/kikdqq89fz vis.social/media/dMqgZ36sWl3nZ

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Hey everyone! Stefanie Posavec and I are offering two full-day data visualization workshops in June! One in Chicago and the other in DC. Check it out: policyviz.com/2018/03/06/data-

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Our paper "Using Animation to Alleviate Overdraw in Multiclass Scatterplot Matrices" will be presented at CHI 2018 on Thu 4/26 at 11am in Montréal!

Our approach uses a simple animation loop to alleviate overdraw in one of the hardest settings---multiclass SPLOMs.

It is work with our former undergrad student Helen Chen, myself, Alark Joshi, & Beste Yuksel at USF, Eric Ragan at Texas A&M, and Lane Harrison at WPI.

See a demo and more at vgl.cs.usfca.edu/animated-splo


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@scott I used it to show family dynamics in elephants : elephanttrust.org/visualizatio That's the closest I've been to biostatistics so far.

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“Strange Bird” is a new podcast “about the data behind our everyday lives with Mona Chalabi.”

And it’s published through a new UI by the Guardian Mobile Lab — part audio player, part chatbot, part photo viewer. It includes lots of charts, too!


vis.social/media/9hgjBZzx9-uG6 vis.social/media/Q65PFBVdJr8nQ

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In case you're interested how the auto-detection of colorblind issues in Datawrapper works, I wrote it all down in an interactive blog post vis4.net/blog/2018/02/automate vis.social/media/JoiAHRvIu0Bvx vis.social/media/Jv8iNeTpJVhIj