Going to a double feature screening of The Lobster and The Favourite tonight at Aero Theater with director Yorgos Lanthimos in attendance! americancinemathequecalendar.c

Reading about the myriad manifestations of the Golden Rule throughout history as research for @unsolicitedconsulting With next Thursday’s brief, U.C will be adding another variation to the list! It’s a good read to start the new year with: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_R

Day-jobbing it this afternoon with a little survey programming on FocusVision's Decipher platform!

Greetings to my fellow denizens on vis.social, and the greater Mastodon ! I'm Joey, I'm a and conceptual currently residing in sunny , , and I just launched a new project today, which you can follow at @unsolicitedconsulting

I look forward to developing deep and long-lasting friendships with each and every one of you.

All the best!


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