Sharing the latest data journalism project (in Swedish) I have been working on with @cristinapoiata and the team at

After analysing 500,000 articles for country mentions we put together a case study of three underreported countries:

We also put together the full country index, so check it out here:

The globes were created using and we used for the calendar heat maps.

A new version of is out (v.0.11), and we added some really cool new stuff:

— AlbersUSA projection is now properly supported so bring on those US ! Example here:

— With the new ZoomableGlobe component you can now easily create interactive SVG globes. Example here:

Make sure to check it out!

If you like it or if you have suggestions/issues etc. let me know. Always looking for feedback 😃

Hi there.👋 I'm the co-founder of a small web development and data visualisation studio based in Switzerland.

I am the creator and maintainer of, and mainly work in react and d3.

My academic background is in digital humanities with a particular interest in issue mapping for politics. My recent dataviz work has been focused on public health, humanitarianism, as well as a bit of politics.

Great to meet all of you! 😀

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