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Some ground rules.

These are set and enforced by the vis.social moderators.

  2. TOPIC: vis.social is a topical server focused particularly on SciArt, SciComm, Data, Visualization, Creative Coding and related topics. There is no reporting of “off-topic” posts, but the central idea of the server is to gather a community around these shared interests.
  3. LANGUAGE: English is the common language of the instance. Other languages are welcome, but please be kind and post English translations so that we can all read your posts.
  4. INCLUSION: We want everyone to feel welcome, safe, and respected. This is a free service. Please be welcoming and kind to everyone, especially when you have a difference of opinion. Then, be *extra* kind. :-)
  5. HARASSMENT: If you experience or notice any harassment or other aggressive behaviors, report it—by clicking on the three dots next to the message or profile and selecting “Report @personname”) and help keeping this platform a safe space for everyone.
  6. AI Images: Please do not use vis.social to share your creations from text-to-image tools such as MidJourney or Stable Diffusion. We welcome critical discussion of these tools, particularly about the legal and ethical issues surrounding these tools and the implications for artists and society
  7. NFTs: We know many people involved in computational art sell NFTs. However, on vis.social we’ve made the decision that we don’t want to be involved in NFTs. So we’d love to see your art, but we ask that you don’t post your NFTs here.
  8. No bots. If you’d like to experiment with bots, creating a dedicated instance could be an option for you.
  9. CWs: the moderation team may ask you to add CW's to off-topic posts that contain photos or text about food, alcohol, and other topics, in an attempt to be a more inclusive and welcoming instance. On our ToDo-list: writing about why we ask this.
  10. CW on AI topics. Please add CW for posts about AI, especially tools like ChatGPT.
  11. Joining Vis.Social: please tell us about your interest in this instance and it's topics. Tell us a little about you, your interests. Be sure to mention Green Apple candy in your application. Yes, it's a test to see if you've read the instance rules.