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Well, I know those websites might look like a kind of old-fashioned style, but it's restricted to my capability, our website's system, or client's preference. I'm still trying my hard to make a balance between them.

#game #Minetest
Recently I'm absorbed in Minetest. It's a fascinating game in free open source. I have much fun by building, mining, and surviving.
Thanks to @switchingsocial for recommending.

Minetest is available on many platforms.
There is a little trick:
The game data can be sync on those devices if I use Syncthing. For example, I download many mods on the PC1 (Windows 10), and it can be sync to my Android phone and PC2(Linux). The same that the saved data can be sync.

My sweet home. 😘


Have you seen this list of alternatives to Amazon's offerings? Not all entirely free/open, but definitely some options to say "not Amazon"

Steam's summer sale, I'm confused what I should buy or just pass it for saving my money. 😵

5/9 Lonely Travel
It's a game's fanart for Lifeline(2015). 👨‍🚀

If you've got a slow or old laptop, you may be able to speed it up by installing the Lubuntu operating system:

You can follow their official account here:


Lubuntu is a lighter version of Ubuntu Linux. It can run the same apps as Ubuntu, but has a simpler interface that makes it run extremely quickly even on older/slower computers.

The increased speed is especially noticeable if you use it to replace Windows 👍

#Lubuntu #Linux #Ubuntu #Windows #Alternatives

4/30 Tuner
I know I have broken the steak for a long time. 😔 Hope I could get accustomed to the routine habit soon.

What's up with the Nerdica?
It seems to connect time-out for a while. 😢

I'm sorry to hear about the instance would shut down soon. It's a piece of sad news. 😢
Thank you, @scott Thank you all guys. Gracias a todos.

I have changed the account to Mastodon Art. You can find me here. @JSeesaw

What an awful day that my ten-year computer crashed. It was unable to login the Windows. 😢

C000021a unknown hard error.

It seemed that the problem was at the system, not the hardware. Maybe it would be back if I reinstalled the system? 🤔

The Money Manager in Memento Database also can export .csv and sync with Syncthing.

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