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Well, I know those websites might look like a kind of old-fashioned style, but it's restricted to my capability, our website's system, or client's preference. I'm still trying my hard to make a balance between them.

If you've got a slow or old laptop, you may be able to speed it up by installing the Lubuntu operating system:

You can follow their official account here:


Lubuntu is a lighter version of Ubuntu Linux. It can run the same apps as Ubuntu, but has a simpler interface that makes it run extremely quickly even on older/slower computers.

The increased speed is especially noticeable if you use it to replace Windows 👍

#Lubuntu #Linux #Ubuntu #Windows #Alternatives

4/30 Tuner
I know I have broken the steak for a long time. 😔 Hope I could get accustomed to the routine habit soon.

What's up with the Nerdica?
It seems to connect time-out for a while. 😢

I'm sorry to hear about the instance would shut down soon. It's a piece of sad news. 😢
Thank you, @scott Thank you all guys. Gracias a todos.

I have changed the account to Mastodon Art. You can find me here. @JSeesaw

What an awful day that my ten-year computer crashed. It was unable to login the Windows. 😢

C000021a unknown hard error.

It seemed that the problem was at the system, not the hardware. Maybe it would be back if I reinstalled the system? 🤔

The Money Manager in Memento Database also can export .csv and sync with Syncthing.

Even if you don't speak German, have a look at that beauty by

It has everything:
😍 animated maps with annotation
😍 small multiples
😍 zoomed in line charts
😍 beautiful dot circles

The best interactive story I've seen lately.


Sometimes I think that would be great easy to announce my writing schedule if I could set the whole event calendar in public view. Just need a unique URL for the calendar page.

Finally, I succeeded in running ZIM files on Windows XP. It seemed that I have to choose the separated package from each library of Wikipedia.

Deleting Google Photos is meaningful but dull work. I have got a little tired. 😫

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