Going more curvy with today's drawing. Sharing an in-progress photo here. The finished drawing is posted for my patrons now: patreon.com/posts/49917363

Starting a new week of drawings, playing with petals on these delicate blooms. Finished drawning's now posted for my patrons: patreon.com/posts/49917363

Celebrating both Easter *and* getting the j&j vaccine this morning with a fractal of bunnies and eggs for today's drawing. patreon.com/posts/49628956

Published a work-in-progress game. Still needs work, but I think it's cute.

'ship' is controlled by arrow keys, fire with space bar. It's low-stress. If you miss the virus particles, they just drift past.


Thinking lava lamps and cellular budding in today's drawing. patreon.com/posts/49324536

The is definitely nudging my daily drawings in a direction these days.

Yes, I'm bribing folks with generative art stickers so they will help me track USPS delivery times while supporting the USPS. :)

How it works:
1. You sign up
2. I mail a sticker to you
3. You tell me when it arrives

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Latest batch of envelopes ready to go to the post office. Some of these also have @Bleeptrack generative art stickers in them.

Now I'm ready to start on the next batch. You can sign up here: forms.gle/WvKwFsZLuYChuxEQA

Thinking about aggregation and growth...and coral...in today's drawing. Finished piece is reserved for my patrons at patreon.com/posts/49036211

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