I just added a new tier for my github sponsors, with a reward of stickers and other goodies with my art. github.com/sponsors/KristinHen

Working out some geometry for another project, and wanted to see what it my look like in today's daily drawing. patreon.com/posts/35611864

Is this a blue tree? A water tree? Whatever, it was relaxing to draw. And these days, at the end of our third week of 'shelter-in-place', I tend to relaxing patterns for my drawings. patreon.com/posts/35611864

Hi, I'm bleeptrack and I love generative stuff of all sorts!
I create generative art for exhibitions & events and experiment a lot with materials and machines: stickers, fabric, pen plotters, CNC milled wood, 3D printing or PCBs!
I also love to give Workshops and Talks!

I've been posting source code and notes for my class on computer-generated concrete poetry and asemic writing here: github.com/aparrish/material-o

example from today's class: Johanna Drucker quote + Hershey font + simplex noise

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If you are a young person or you live with one, you should be following @StayInPlayin@twitter.com. It's a learning and play initiative created and led by kids around the globe who are sharing their favourite science experiments & tech tips.✨ twitter.com/KariLawler/status/

🐦🔗: twitter.com/helenleigh/status/

it's all python in jupyter notebooks—I set up Binder so you can play around with the notebooks without downloading them mybinder.org/v2/gh/aparrish/ma

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I wrote about Mackerelmedia Fish (the new ARG) here:
I talk a bit about it, some of the technical things, and it's also been open sourced!
You can download all the sourcefiles here: github.com/alienmelon/mackerel
Interesting htaccess things, javascript, etc....

Another rare drawing that I felt compelled to name: "Airborn particulates". Inspired by covid-19 and @ClaraJeffery
post on runners failing to keep a safe distance from neighbors on the sidewalks. twitter.com/ClaraJeffery/statu

The Covid-19 virus has influenced my daily drawings for months, but it's more recognizable in today's drawing. patreon.com/posts/35334309

I did one in red, and one in blue. So I couldn't resist drawing one in green for an RGB set of drawings. I just couldn't resist. patreon.com/posts/35334309

While the piece mentions -19, it's more about general statistics and population sampling.

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