I'm having fun with these imaginary creatures in today's drawing. Yep, my sketch is hand drawn generative art. But I'm drinking my coffee out of a computationally created artwork from @nervous_system

And another week of the daily hand drawn generative art that are begins. Finished piece now posted for my patrons. You can join them at patreon.com/posts/52727836

Wait, so NFTs are just selling copyrights, mixed in with blockchain stuff?

Just another gimmick, that will benefit the same artists who know how to game the the more traditional gallery scene?

More hand drawn generative florals for today's drawing. I've posted the finished piece and in-progress photos for my patrons: patreon.com/posts/52462160

New batch of stickers will go out to @KristinHenry@twitter.com 's "Stickers & Stamps" dataviz project 📊❤️

Wrapping up another week of daily hand drawn generative art with a meandering string of 'beads' in today's drawing. Finish piece, and in-progress photos, now posted for my patrons: patreon.com/posts/52187039

It's still super simple. I still need to add the ability to change ranges of color and other options. But this is what it looks like now. :)

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Revisiting a favorite pattern for today's hand drawn generative art, my daily drawing. Finished piece is now posted for my patrons: patreon.com/posts/52187039

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