I really like the dates in reverse, but other folks seem to find this prototype-viz easier to 'read' when the dates increase from left-to-right. By the way, this is a sneak peak at an update to a passion-project that's coming soon.

hi! something new & inspiring...
all the talks from the Full Indie Summit are online:
if you're looking for something inspiring to watch, or listen to while you work, these are all really good.
Here's my talk:
mine was about artgames and speaking your truth. It's kind of a 10 year overview of my work and struggling with the "game" label and how we treat artists and should treat artists better.

It amazes me how much my mood improves when I finally have gorgeous visual results from code I've been working on for months...yes, I'm super happy right now. Downright giddy :)

InkyDays is now a Zine! First test of scanning and printing my drawings has gone well, but I'm only printing a small batch. Pre-order my First Zine: featuring drawings, coloring pages, and more etsy.me/2TduhMq

dailyoverview :
Check out this amazing view above rooftops in Sisteron, a commune in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region of southeastern France. This small community has been inhabited for more than 4,000 years and currently has roughly 7,300 residents. Apart from its beautiful countryside, tourist attractions in Sisteron include its citadel, the 12th century former Sisteron Cathedral, and the Musée Terre et Temps — museum about earth and the me…


1984: We can't talk here, they might have bugs to wiretap us.

2018: Bug, order me some pizza!

We're going to have to dissolve my non-profit, GalaxyGoo, as a not-for-profit corp. It's breaking my heart.

Remembering all the years of science literacy projects, and SciArt, and sharing ideas.

If I were to create a zine, what would you like to see in it?

With all this smoke in the air, I'm dreaming of rain and water....so it's jellyfish for today's drawing.


Air quality is very low, and seems to be getting worse. I'm staying inside, to avoid the smoke. Again, drawing with orange for today's drawing.


What I currently get out of social media:

- giving me a space to write down my own thoughts
- getting clarity and dialogue on them from others
- learning about interesting things

What is missing for me:

- feeling part of a community
- forming solid, long-lasting friendships

I have a bit of a tendency towards isolation so I could do with changing my own patterns of behaviour, but I also think social media platforms could do a better job of nudging you towards actual social bonds.

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