Experimenting with the red from @FWPStationery in today's drawing. Finished drawing posted with Early Access for my patrons. It goes public in two weeks.

Day 28 Prompt: "Self Portrait"

For most challenges, I've been creating something new. But for today's I'm going back to one of my favorite's: "Self Drawing Code". A python script that draws an image of itself.


Just found out that an artist whose work I love, is actually a major TERF. I'm so, so, so disappointed.

My thoughts weren't super clear while working on today's drawing, but the result is interesting...at least *I* find it interesting.

Day 25 Prompt: "Perspective".

I decided to explore a 2-point perspective image generator, coding from scratch in vanilla javascript.

Results? Umm...ok, I guess.


Starting another week of drawings, and playing with this gorgeous color combination.

Day 24 Prompt: "Create your own pseudo-random number generator and visually check the results".

I went with using colors to represent the generated numbers and a simple algorithm.

I posted more images and thoughts...and briefly described the algorithm I used for pseudo-random number generation: patreon.com/posts/61252291

Wrapping up another week of daily hand drawn generative art in ink on paper, with today's drawing. Finished drawing is now posted as 'early access' for my patrons.


Day 23 prompt: "Abstract vegetation"

Another prompt I worked on much earlier this month. It was hard to stop and move on to the next prompt, and I'm looking forward to playing with this more after .

Getting started on today's drawing. Finished piece, and some thoughts, are now posted with early access for my patrons: patreon.com/posts/61287759

New blog post! As part of the research on my upcoming books on colors in , I wrote about what's wrong with the WCAG color contrast checks that lots of organizations use – and how data vis could change once new guidelines are in place: blog.datawrapper.de/color-cont

Day 21: "Combine two (or more) of your pieces from previous days to make a new piece."

I combined my "Space" and Circle Packing pieces. I love how it turned out!

More images and some of my thoughts are now posted: patreon.com/posts/61289517

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