Sneak peak at how my data is starting to shape up. Still a very long way to go, but my parsing annotation csv data into json is taking shape, at last.

quote from me in the news about twitter decentralization 

@darth_mall And asking myself what data+questions I have any civilized reason to ask.

@darth_mall I follow PrivacyMatters to help me get my mind better wrapped around current practices in data privacy. Also thinking about things like 'what right does a company have to ask such personal questions about me, without my actual consent?'

@darth_mall here's some info on spotify and data+tracking users. Sorry this is on twitter, I'll have to see if I can find @twitter@PrivacyMatters on other platforms.

Today's drawing reflects my frustrations with trying to accomplish a task on a gov website and phone system.

Looking for a open source ticket management system for small org. #ticketmanagementsoftware and mailing management and contacts management, and ... #crm


Made some ear jewelry that connects to the internet n lights up when someone comments on my posts over at Instagram Dot Com 🧚‍♂️ LEDs cast in resin + adorned w/ swarovski pearls, NodeMCU module w custom chain connector ⛓



Do you work in interdisciplinary practices of and ? Mark your map and calendar: Next Information+ will be held Sep 24-27, 2020 in Atlanta at



#OnThisDay in 1906, Grace Hopper was born. In 1947, she discovered a moth in the Harvard Mark II - and popularised the computing term 'bug'. She then went on to develop the first compiler, A-0, and the programming language COBOL.


Today, my work has slipped into my art as my drawing is of imaginary network diagrams.

Very proud of that just launched:

Congrats to Pauline Junginger, Dennis Ostendorf, Anastasia Voloshina, Barbara Avila Vissirini, Timo Hausmann, and for making it happen!


This instance was originally created with the idea of a space for the Data Visualization community.

If you were part of this original cohort, or more recently joined for this intent, what are your thoughts on expanding to include other (more active) domains like Science Visualization, SciArt, and more? To general visual expression and communication?

@scott has made a request of myself and @evan. Your replies could influence how I reply.


My thesis 'Timeline design for visualising cultural heritage data' is online here . At some point it will go up on the RCA research repository.

It’s about data viz design for digitised museum, archive and library collections, focussing on timeline viz.


Going with some brighter colors for today's drawing. I've still got this miserable cough, but I'm bored with drawing the squiggles representing them.

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