In case this instance does get shut down, I've got another mastodon account @artAtomic

When this instance was set up I started posting here.

Do you have another mastodon account?

Things not to put in tool-tips:
• links
• forms
• auto-play videos
• anything that requires refrigeration
• heavily structured content

This is what the chart looked like at the end of the last day. I love seeing how kids of different ages positioned their stars differently. Some ages clustered together, and others preferred to line up.

Fun data viz I'm developing over the next couple days, in my booth at the .

After building a 3D model of a cell with us, we're asking them to put a sticker on our chart. Slow day, today. So perfect for testing.


Hi, folks. I no longer have the capacity to run Thank you for all of your donations over the past year to cover the costs. We're now spending ~$55/mo. on hosting, plus some administrative costs (like the domain name).

Anyone interested in shepherding

I wasn't so sure about today's drawing, but it's growing on me. So much so that I'm going to post it the way I used to, with a photo included here :)

It's out!
The Electric Zine Maker (public beta)
⚡️ Easily create, draw, write, and print zines!
📝 Folding instructions included!!
✂️ You can save them, and re-import them.
☺️ Made with collaboration in mind.
✨ Try it! It's free!! ✨

✨🎟 This Tuesday, we’re announcing the XOXO 2019 launch lineup and opening surveys! Learn more about how registration works here.

Some ideas grow and get out of control. Going with simplicity can make it all better. That's what happened with today's drawing.

Newest drawing is at bottom of post: InkyDays 05/08/19 -

Staring a new week of drawings and continuing to experiment with this floral-growth patter. It's got a bit of a 70's vibe to it, which is a bit different.

Newest drawing is at bottom of post: InkyDays 05/08/19 -

NEW POST: A collection of some of the best data visualisation content encountered during February 2019 (featuring work by @JanWillemTulp

Wow! It's less than two weeks until the ! Hard to believe we've been teaching Cell Biology with Hands-On model building and Science Visualization for over 10 years! So many kids! So much clay! So much informal science learning! ArtAtomic&#039

Wrapping up this week's drawings with networked florals and experimenting with combining one of my Parisian treasure inks and a Japanese ink.

Most recent drawing is at bottom of post: InkyDays 05/01/19 - 05/07/19

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