New article! I wrote down the Excel techniques & formulas I use the most to clean up data sets (so that I can use them for ). Which techniques are you using all the time? Which ones did I miss? Which ones should I add?

A special thanks to #SF for being our generous hosts!
We'll see you in 『 S P ▴ C E 』#codekitty!

A huge #THANKYOU to Vanessa Chang. She is curating over 30 installations for
『 S P ▴ C E 』

CODAME ART+TECH FEST – OCT 25th - 27th #codame #arttech #festival #space #workshops #science #technology #installations

We're proud to be partnering with Re:imagine End of Life Festival and Data Artist Kristin Henry for a joint #datavis project. To be included in the #dataset visit our website and add your meditations to the pool. #Codame


Dreamt that were sitting on cushions and watching my 'Data Meditations: An Abstract Koi Pond' projected on the floor of at the festival. I recognized them, and promptly fainted.


I'm so happy there's a python library for generating qr codes, and creating one from command line was super easy. This one leads to the page I'm creating for my 'Data Meditations: An Abstract Koi Pond' project (should *not* have any trackers, so if you notice any please tell me).

The library's at, and super easy to use

Super excited that my github sponsors page/profile is now live. I only have a $1 tier, for now. I still have to figure out what tiers make sense for my projects.

Oh wow! I just got approved for the Github Sponsor Beta. This could really change how I share my code. Will take me a little while to figure out the system and get all set up.

A little breathless right now. wow.


I rendered a video of my current data art piece Data Meditations: an Abstract Koi Pond. It's posted on my Patreon. I developed this using javascript, canvas, data, and a little #d3 for csv handling. #dataviz #data


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