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My research tool BetterViz is now up on the Google Chrome store. It's a feedback tool (not quite a cultural probe) designed to test some assumptions around the role of sociocultural factors in the engagement process with . You can read a little bit more about it here: mealr.leedsnewmedia.net and download the browser plugin if you are interested (link on website).

Thinking about lichen, and microbes, and the data art installation I'm currently working on...while drawing today's .


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Today is the day of the and our deadline for ! You can still enter your climate datavis. It's free & easy: uclab.fh-potsdam.de/vff/

We'll publish all entries on 23 Sep & announce winners on 27 Sep. Now let's join in the streets!

🐦🔗: twitter.com/uclab_potsdam/stat

Data vis inspiration: Gunther Kleinert's drawings of music. Different parameters like frequency curves, sound levels, dynamics etc. are extracted, mapped and drawn on paper. These are of Keith Jarrett's legendary live recording Köln Concert.

If you like jazz, this is a must-have record, by the way. Make sure you get the original with Jarrett himself playing, because of the magical story behind the concert.
(see comments section for more info)

Kleinert's website: bit.ly/2kmW7tc

I've just updated my image gallery so that it includes all of my drawings, including today's.

These are just the images. But they link to my posts with comments and notes.


I'm running a day long workshop at Radical Networks in NYC Oct 18 -- it's about how to run a small social network site for a small community. We're going to be making a (probably temporary) fediverse server for the "community" of our classroom and navigating all the social issues that arise when people with only surface things in common (like "we got tickets for this workshop") try to make an online space for themselves. radicalnetworks.org/participan

so who are the artists/activists/engineers in NYC working on decentralized networking (broadly construed—peer to peer, activitypub-esque stuff, mesh networking, gopher revivals, etc.)?

(I feel like I probably know most of them [and maybe even had them as students] but for some reason I can't come up with a quick list)

190916 [026]. Realtime wind data driving particle movement. Made with in . @codebale

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The Report 2019 is out! I had the honor to support the team at @mozilla@twitter.com in the last months. I create all the for the report. Thanks to @solanasaurus@twitter.com and @kaodro@twitter.com for being a part of the team! Check out all the articles at internethealthreport.org/2019/

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Continuing with curves, and going almost bubbly, with today's drawing. I've also written a brief description of today's drawing algorithm in my post.


We recently finished putting up the siding and got to give it a fresh coat of paint in 9 different shades between dark blue to lavender

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Timely competition by @uclab_potsdam@twitter.com calling for innovative, understandable and actionable visualizations of the : uclab.fh-potsdam.de/vff/

Submit your latest and greatest work by 20 September!

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In Pictures : The Miraculous Treasure of a Pompeii Sorceress | Frieze seen.li/h6b7

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