I made a data art-visualization piece on the number 400,000. I needed to visually process that number. kristinhenry.github.io/howBig/

I got my sticker from @kristinHenry, as part of her #StickersAndStamps project.

Her art is all inspired by #Science and I think I have to turn several of my Bay Area peeps onto her stuff.

And here's the bigger picture of her project, where she's visualizing mail delivery to discover if the interference done to the USPS can actually be "seen."

:Trek: My pitch for another new Star Trek 

Building off the success of Starfleet HR, in which we re-hash old Star Treks where Geordie or Riker do something sketchy that would merit a visit from HR

CBS is announcing:

Starfleet IRB, in which the research ethics guy facepalms repeatedly as someone tells him about the experiments Starfleet does, obviously without ethical review

~ Next time on Starfleet IRB ~

"And Crusher just let this guy pilot a shuttle ... into the sun ..."

"Yes, for science"

Mississippi’s Tunica Lake, in this image’s central oxbow bend, was once part of the Mississippi River –  National Geographic


Honestly, this 'mentrificiation' is one of the fears I have for Data Visualization. How long after is elevated before women like me are pushed out? And can the data viz community do anything to actually prevent it?


"Keeping company in quarantine." I rarely give my daily drawings titles, but this one was in my mind while I was working on it. patreon.com/posts/46054023

OK, I can't help it. I LOVE these sea chanty vids. Call me an acapella geek, if you must.

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HOT NEWS!! "Code as Creative Medium" by @golan@twitter.com & @tegabrain@twitter.com — featuring creative coding exercises and assignments collected from across our community — is now out! If you teach computational new media art and design, we made this for you! 😊📘🎨🤖🎉 mitpress.mit.edu/books/code-cr

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