OK, I'm back on this platform to give it another try :) Toot!

Today we are launching Plotly Express, a new high-level Python visualization library! Check out our announcement at medium.com/@plotlygraphs/intro or just watch this show reel of charts each made in a single line of Python:

Has any research been done on how to think about the maximum effective number of points on a scatterplot?

🌟 Announcing plotly.py 3.0.0 🌟
1 year in the making, this is our biggest release yet:
- Deep Jupyter widgets integration
- Interactive plotting of >1M points in Jupyter 🚀
- 1st-class JupyterLab support
Plus much more! Read how we did it: buff.ly/2Mxk4qh

‪Do people post datavis papers on ArXiv or some other preprint server?‬

This is a great way to think about space/time visualization, with an awesome cake-based explainer! aviz.fr/~bbach/spacetimecubes/

Honest question: what, if any, is the difference between "data visualization" and "visual analytics"?

Didn't know about this nice hack to get interactive graphics into Medium blog posts: put an iframe into JSfiddle and then embed it vis.social/media/SeX378LX9s9jz vis.social/media/PbJSaXk-DoEp1
(used here medium.com/google-news-lab/wha)

btw, is Matthiew Daniels already in here somewhere?

@nicolaskruchten @chadskelton In @scott’s followers list. Everyone follow him by default when they join.

Happy to announce that version 0.3.0 of rpivotTable is now released on CRAN at cran.r-project.org/package=rpi ... we now have an upgraded version of PivotTable.js and support for Subtotal.js!

I'm Nicolas, a datavis developer at Plotly. I'm the author and maintainer of pivottable.js.org/ and related projects and I blog at nicolas.kruchten.com/


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