Meanwhile in Russia Mr. Putin and his government is trying to push the law against Alexy Navalny and his allies and one of the formal authors is a guy from my neighborhood. I didn’t know him personally, but allegedly he was from notorious Uralmash gang and I remember his new huge fancy house which he obviously couldn’t afford. Probably now he will have even bigger house. Also most likely it will be somewhere in Europe.

soon I'll be swimming in the sea, just need to fix renaming bugs in current projects and pedal for a week or so

there is a cafe down the street from my place and they have a table outside with 3 diy lamps made of glass jars on the wall on top of it, so I just saw how one of the jars detached and landed on their customer head, he seems to be fine, but surely was quite a lunch for him

Oh and it is written for ancient .net compact framework which makes it even more fun

Dealing with some legacy code for the last few days and wondering how the fuck did I wrote and why it even works. Quite frustrating journey 🤐

wanted to start with results of my skia/vvvv experiments from today, but couldn't post a video, so here is just a screenshot

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