Bike ride bragging w/ pictures 

Found a new trail to get up on the mountain nearby, it is overgrown, but has some nice features. Stepped into cow poo, said hi to turtle and this weird fir tree growing to the sides instead of growing up

Apple, 2fa, complaints 

So yesterday I wanted to sign in to this instance of mastodon and the only way I found with 2fa enabled was through Safari and 2fa key stored in the iOS keychain (or whatever they call it here)

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Apple, 2fa, complaints 

since has added their own 2fa key generator in I'm no longer able to sign in into any app or website which uses 2fa and the keys are added to 3rd party app on the same device. Basically every time you get out of the app/browser tab to obtain key from generator app OS forces original app to stop execution, so when you get back with the key copied you are presented with login promt again and the key won't work obviously (or you have to be fast!). Annoying af.

flashing images, videosynth 

Applying no-input mixer technique to texture synthesis pipeline in vvvv. Result is even more fragile than audio patch: the same file after reload or tinkering with params could simply collapse into black image and it might be impossible to find out what was wrong

found some screen shoots from 2016 when I was trying to do something interesting in openframeworks, can't remember why I have stopped doing this

found yoyo in a fruit stall, can't stop playing with it

decided that I need to cleanup my nvim config last night and update some plugins. nvim-tree had some breaking changes in config and after updating, at 2AM, had it entirely broken with some error. Was sure it was my fault and tried to find a bug in config. Surely today I see there are other users reporting same issue. Note to myself: don't change important configs or write code in the middle of the night.

Worst combination for sat night: neighbors having a huge party with horrible music and outside is pouring rain

next I think I should sell all the vinyl and cassette records, but maybe I would bring it to a charity market or something

decided to get rid of stuff I don't use that much and send money towards our local refugee relief fund, first thing to go would be reissue of classic Santa Cruz Slasher skateboard

Should have went on Sadhguru last night instead of that pointless performance 🤦🏻‍♂️

Found reproductions of Iranian miniatures from XV-XVI century on a flee market

More over they were so keen to show how interested they were by constantly making pictures/videos on their (latest) iPhones or (expensive) cameras and such stilted faces. Makes me so angry that people can’t ver their fawning with “good intentions” and buzz words. Won’t be surprised if they’ll also make nfts out of pictures taken there

went to a performance last night, it was announced as a dialogue about privilege using contemporary choreography and AI. My friend was saying it would be horrible joke, but I insisted that we should see it first before making any conclusions. There were no AI and no dialogue about privilege. There were something you could call contemporary choreography, but basically she was rolling arround pretending to struggle or have seizures. Obviously all artists and crowd were extremely privileged.

turned out I did sold the roadburn ticket after all! Not for the original price of 200€ unfortunately, but still 50€ are coming towards our local refugee help org

was glitching lately, was staring slow and then sometimes menu were not appearing partially. was sure that it was my sloppy soldering, but seems like sd card got some dead blocks and with another card it doesn't glitch anymore

right after submitting my video for scanlines few days ago started getting some finer textures

last moment submission for scanlines showcase 2022

recorded live, both sound and visual is feedback based. sound is a no input mixer patched into . video generated in gamma with texture feedback loops. I think it is not the best take and I should learn how to better handle both audio and video at the same time or ask someone to do audio with me.

There is now at least four cross-platform UI frameworks for c# but none them actually work on every platform as they claim

My partner broke karma yesterday and I fixed it today. Karma is the name of a gas heater in Georgia.

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