protests in Tbilisi against corrupt government who stole elections and now torturing ex-president are unraveling which is kinda good, but I'm kinda afraid of russophobic agenda they have

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what do you use more often? (please repeat)

Tried release candidate for the next version since they had some improvements on the skia and stride side which I’m interested and it went pretty great! Feels like I can finally try to make a substitute for video synth with it. Checkout this choppy recording if you don’t have an epilepsy or something

Went to the biggest media art installation in town since pandemic yesterday. The theme was something about how every random impression and moment constructs our reality and in fact is not random. Technically it was a quite simple projection mapping with 2 projectors and resolume to an old industrial space with some circles hanging and there were prerecorded short recordings of people walking by. Then I saw a projection of myself in one of them. Is that a sign lol?

I’ve heard manjaro was pretty good and stable, but some little bugs are making me mad and to try to fix them seems overwhelming

Twice in the last month we’ve heard from locals that we are fucking occupants and we should get the fuck out, maybe we should actually, but where and for how long?

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Show me a 10ft paywall, I’ll show you a 12ft ladder

Pretty simple add any pay walled URL to and boom you are reading that shit.

In the day when I got advance for a new project I’ve got corona :( so here is a quick sketch of Tibetian warrior protecting Georgia from coronavirus instead of some commercial work I could have done. Btw recent studies have shown that taking melatonin really helps with the virus and I can confirm that too!

fell hard in the deep bowl today and got a blind spot in the left eye for like half an hour. ouch!

"no input mixer" technique on this thing is kind of fun tho

Should have spent more money and on motu ultralight mk5, instead I’ve got used mk3 which is not class-complaint and requires a driver on Linux, so now I feel tempted to reverse engineer that

Was sweeping out broken glass from skatepark this morning (again) and was about to write an angry post about it, but then found a f syringe needle in the deepest bowl, right next to the half full can of beer. What the hell is wrong with these people?!

so I spent last few weeks porting MQTT broker to a 10 years old out of support Crestron controller using VS2008 and cut-down netcf3.5, but at the end of the day my broker eats up like 100% cpu of their mid-range controller if I send a single message and the tools are so lucking that I probably will never find the cause of it. Needles to say that when I run the same code on linux VM using their next-generation "server" it works without any issues. I'm super frustrated!

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How ethical it would be to make an installation which would kill insects just to show humans what kind of trap they created for themselves?

that feeling when you was debugging your software for a week (or more?!) and now it finally started to work

Someone copied the short description of my services from my linkedin page and posted on upwork as a job. I'm not going to respond on that one.

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