✍️ My experience switching from Google Analytics to self-hosted Matomo using their new WordPress plugin


head. is. imploding. when will the never ending cold season stahhhhppppp

Finished Witcher, I enjoyed it! It’s not the best series out there, and not the worst. Main thing is that I think Henry Cavill has done an A+ job with Geralt. The coloured contacts on a few of the characters were a bit distracting tho! Kinda weird when one character’s pupils are dialysed and another’s are itty bitty

I remember a few years back there were one or two fonts developed that let you build small, inline data visualizations.

Anyone remember what those were called?

i asked an entomologist once what inchworms were. "inchworms" she said, "are less a group of creatures and more a strategy"

What iOS apps are ppl using for Mastodon? I was using Toot! at first and really liked it, but am sad that it doesn’t seem to support a notifications count badge on the icon. Now am trying Amaroq but am curious about others. Preferably apps with strong stances against crap like Gab

hoo boy... if anyone has suggestions on how to find cool people in the big wide fediverse (I know there’s tons out there!), pls send suggestions my way

@darius thx for being the first person that ever introduced me to Mastodon, finally took the plunge and joined a server 👍


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