Ready, set, go! The submission system for the @ieeevis Arts Program @visapnet is now open. Instructions and details are here: …. Looking forward to receiving a new lot of amazing submissions!

VISAP'18 - the @ieeevis Arts Program runs from 23-26 October 2018 in Berlin. Theme for the Call for Entries this year is data and identities; submissions due on June 1st.

New piece by Zeit (@colorfuldata et al) on street names in Germany allows to search for custom terms. I compared streets referring major cities (e.g. "Berliner Straße", "Frankfurter Allee"). Ordered from north to south.

Some visible tidbits: Berlin obviously wins. Frankfurt has two centers (with Frankfurt am Main and Frankfurt/Oder). Munich is split in two maps at the right bottom: demonym "Münchner" more often in the South, and "Münchener" in the rest.

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One, two, one two... Is this thing on?

Hi! I am designing and developing data visualizations. My research typically resolves around casual vis, and urban data. I am a - still newish - prof at the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim in Germany, trying to bring together computer science and design students.

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