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vis.social is a continuous work in progress! The terms of use will evolve. For now, let's start with:

→ Please keep it semi-professional and work-related.
→ Be welcoming and nice to everyone, especially when you have a difference of opinion. :-)

INCLUSION: I want everyone to feel welcome, safe, and respected here (as long as they follow the guidelines above). I'm formulating a plan for inclusion efforts. Please review and comment!

SERVER: vis.social is hosted by Masto.Host on a shared server in France. So... don't break any French laws. And thanks to @hugo@masto.pt for this wonderful service and getting us up and running so quickly!

FINANCES: This costs me a little bit of money to run. My hope is that this space will be worth something small like $1/month to you. With several people making small, recurring donations like that, together we can easily cover all the costs.

How to support vis.social:

→ Schedule a recurring donation with very low fees via Liberapay. I'll redirect a portion of your donations to the Mastodon project, to support ongoing development.
→ Make a one-time donation via PayPal. Note that your gift is for vis.social.
→ Make a one-time donation via Square Cash. Note that your gift is for vis.social.