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vis.social is an open social platform for creative people, especially anyone in sciArt, data, visualization, creative coding, and related arts and research. Share your work, discuss, critique, and ask for help! Come one, come all!

INCLUSION: I want everyone to feel welcome, safe, and respected. This is a free service. Please be welcoming and kind to everyone, especially when you have a difference of opinion. Then, be extra kind. :-)

English is the common language of the instance. Other languages are welcome, but please be kind and post English translations so that we can all read your posts.

SERVER: vis.social is hosted by Masto.Host on a shared server in France. So... don't break any French laws. And thanks to @hugo@masto.pt for this wonderful service and getting us up and running so quickly!

SUPPORT THIS INSTANCE: This costs about $650 USD to operate. If you find this space useful, please consider a small recurring donation, like $1/month. With several people making small, recurring donations like that, together we can easily cover all the costs.

Schedule a recurring donation via github.sponsors Please note that your gift is for vis.social.