Working on the book "Observe, collect, draw" by @giorgialupi and Stephanie Posavec, reading and doing some of the exercises for the upcoming Data Vis Book Club meeting by @lisacrost .

This one is a freehand exercise to experiment with combinations, overlaps, textures, and drawing materials. I used Procreate drawing app on iPad and tried to see what I could do with just one pen and very simple symbols.

Data vis inspiration: textile artist Gunta Stölzl (1897-1983)

- German textile artist who played a fundamental role in the development of the Bauhaus school's weaving workshop. Bauhaus' only female master (source:


Via Womens Art on Twitter.

The data vis badge project Amy Cesal and Zander Furnas made for their wedding is my favourite data vis thing ever. Hear them tell about it in Data Viz Today podcast (there's also a link to their Medium article about the making of the project).

Data vis inspiration: Erwin Poell's n+m magazine covers. From 1965-1972.
Via Kelli Anderson on Twitter:

Constellations from Around the World - "the animals, people, and objects imagined in the sky by more than 30 different civilizations." ✨

Georgia O'Keeffe talks about her art here, but this quote also sums up exactly why I fell in love with data visualisation. ❤️

Some data vis projects are so beautiful that they literally make the heart beat faster. 💓 Check out Hanna Piotrowska (Dyrcz)'s visualisations of "If on a winter's night a traveler" in her master thesis. 😍

I'm taking a summer break from coding, but am still finding bugs! 😍🐞

I've been playing around with board-gamey curves since reading this great post on the design space for timelines

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I've updated my gallery to include all of my daily drawings, including today's, with links to the patreon pages where I've commented on each drawing.

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