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I am a full-time indie game developer. To help creating a rich and dynamic game world, I've designed and implemented the Dew programming language.

While I work towards my first game release, I'm using Dew to draw some simple animations every day and post them here.

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gamedev ramblings 

@toffee Can't imagine a puzzle platformer that doesn't rely on some kind of gimmick, but if you're looking for inspiration, check out:

La-Mulana, no single gimmick, just combat-focused with a huge variety on puzzles.

Solomon's Key, block-creation/destruction ability, arcade-y with lots of enemies to figure out how to route around.

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Wow! It's been several months since I've updated my gallery. Well, I spent some time today formatting the data, and updating it. All drawings, up until this current week are now in the gallery:

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