Network visualization: Mastodon Instances - Hashtags

- 2 284 instances from
- 2 000 public Toots (API) per instance
- Hashtags of those Toots


Core of the hashtag network. Instances are white with fixed size, hashtags colored and size by number of uses.

Most used in the collected Toots:
2 825
2 130

Clicking on a shows the instances it was recently used on.

Clicking on a instance shows the hashtags that were recently used there.

I am investigating why there are instances missing. Could be a problem with data collection or export.

I found some problems in yesterdays data. Primarily caused by a bug in the code (same Toots were collected over and over). I updated the Gist with the fixed code.

For todays run I used my own list of instances which I collected for the visualization:

- 761 of 2044 instances responded (api/v1/timelines/public?local=true)
- Up to 4k Toots per instance
- 231 510
- 42 900 different hashtags

Updated version of the Interactive
Mastodon Hashtag Network.

Warning: 10MB. Desktop computer recommended.

You can use to preview local timelines. I hope that it will some day possible to visit/pin them from within tootsuite and other clients.


Interesting list! I wouldn't have guessed that there's only one tech hasthtag in the top ten, and if I had, I wouldn't have guessed it'd be OpenStreetMap

@codesections @Luca Me too! Especially since I'm trying to get this #OpenStreetMap instance popular.

@wowaname Me neither. I only looked at the 2 000 most recent public Toots per instance.

@Luca What did you use for the visualization here? Is that sigmaJS as well?


Once this gets a few more instances from my corner of the #fediverse, it will be very cool!

(Sadly, it currently seems to be missing most of the #tech/#foss/#linux section of the 'verse)

@codesections I am collecting new data as we write. I found a bad bug as well, which probably caused me to only get 40 Toots per instance. And I switched to using the instances I collected myself.

Doesn't seem to work on Ff-mobile, but on desktop it worked great. I saved to myself. Saw some of my tags.

Very cool.

@Qwxlea It needs WebGL to work. While it should work on most mobiles, it isn't very usable.

No problem, a mobile screen is too small anyway to effectively see anything.

*really* enjoy seeing all your wizardry floating by.

@Luca is there a new searchable map yet? Clicked the link in your previous toot and it took me to messages from 6 days ago

@zcampau Not yet. I am still working through the new data, live tooting findings and hopefully releasing an interactive version in the end.

@Luca Used this to explore hashtag usage and find someone to follow on another instance I never would have encountered otherwise. 👍


Very cool!

When you select an instance and get the Information Pane on the right, what's the sort order for the hashtags listed under "connections"? It doesn't appear to be the most commonly used hashtags

@codesections To be honest: I don't know. I used the default sigmaJS Exporter in Gephi and only tweaked some settings.


Thanks. Another question: what do the colors of the lines mean?

@codesections They indicate clusters. Calculated by the Modularity algorithm. Because of the mixed nodes, not very meaningful.

@Luca Controls not working and scrolling is buggy on Acer Chromebook Tab 10. (Performance is fine.) Probably expecting mouse events on desktop browser?

@unextro Thanks for the report. I can reproduce the issue on a touchscreen device. Not sure if I will be able to fix it.

you can pin a instance with the mastalab app, available for android

@puffinux @mike @kev

What I find interesting about the list of "number of hashtags per instance" is that #fosstodon and have used about the same number of hashtags, even though they have 10× the number of users we do. Now, that could be a coincide, but it makes me wonder whether there are just about ~1,000 #foss/#tech hashtagable subjects out there, and once you hit that number there's not a whole lot more to hashtag, even with many more users.

@dom How many hashtags are in the last 4k Toots of that instance.

Meta, Data Show more

Meta, Data Show more

Well I guess a few bots and a few fetishists can really impact these top stats.

@jeroenpraat It was in the seed list. Not sure why it didn't make it into the visualization.

@Luca happy and interested to know people using gephi. Good projects and visualizations to learn network theory.

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