I would like to share one of my channels, where I`m making little reviews and give some links of instruments and sites, that I use for my creativity. Maybe, someone will be interested And find something useful for him or herself.

For now, it`s on Russian only (just can`t find time for translation at the moment, so sorry)


Some experiments of mine with Neural networks on waifulabs.com

Sometimes the computer drawing better than human)) Looks like someone (maybe me))) needs more practice in art!

Name of the char: Neko Ashimy

I finally finished redesigning my website for now. You can check it out. Of Course, if you are interest)

And another news:
I`m working on my interactive fiction game (demo version), that is near to the moment of be available for play-testing by players.
Demo will be short, about 10-15 min of gameplay.

And this image - is a cover of this future game.

The exams are coming.
Thanks to spring warm days, I want to create more and more artworks more than preparing to the end of another studying year. But, as some cool guys says: "Duty calls". I just has to do that. No doubt, no complaints, no worries and no remorse.

By the way.
Here a new graphic art of mine))

Despite the difficulties, it always makes sense to go only forward.
And the credo remains a very important element of life.
"Remember your dreams. Never give up. Be yourself" so sounds mine.

Do you remember how Jia Jiang on [TED] talked about 100 days of rejection? ...well it works. you become more confident...

In the meantime, I am releasing new videos on my channel and working on the concept of my future games.



i love this program. just wanted to share that with everyone.


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