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A bit more . Most data I've worked with resulted in plain vanilla tables and charts found in typical, dry, peer reviewed journals.

I'm now working with some complex data sets probably best handled with . From there, I hope to up my data viz game.

I also have fantasies RE applying and to my small farm efforts.

If my other interests toots wander too far astray from the instance's intent feel free to call me out!

So, learning mode on.

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Turns out CNN also has a lite version of their website useful to folks with limited Internet connectivity.


Poached from the bird site.

NPR has a text only website useful to folks with limited connectivity.

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Hey do y'all like...wildflowers? 

Sure you do! Here is a CARDINAL FLOWER, named (like the bird) for its resemblance to the red robes Catholic cardinals wear. It grows in moist soil pretty much all over North and Central America. Its nectar attracts hummingbirds in droves, along with butterflies with tongues long enough to reach in (and large bees who can bust through the side). It's pretty deer-resistant because it's a little toxic, but the one you find at the garden store is likely a hybrid.

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OK for those of you following Hurricane #Florence - two bots you can follow:

@USAHurricanes - National Hurricane Center

@NOAA (cool sat pics from NOAA)

Pass it on.


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hurricanes, SmallStories 

"Come quickly," my father shouted. "It's the eye!" My mother stood at the door, peering out into the darkness. I pushed my way past her and ran out to the rickety outdoor staircase where my father had lashed himself to experience the full fury of the hurricane. His coat dripped, his eyes were ecstatic. Together, we surveyed the damage the winds had wrought. As the wind picked up and mom pulled me back inside, he braced himself for the rest of the storm. #smallstories

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The astronomer Mary Watson Whitney, known for work on variable stars and using photographic plates to make astronomical measurements, was born #OTD in 1847.

Whitney was one of Maria Mitchell’s first students, and succeeded her as director of Vassar's Observatory and chair of its astronomy department. She served for 22 years, during which time the department published over 100 papers in major journals. Near the end of her tenure there were 160 students enrolled in the program.

Image: Vassar

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The earliest reasonable time that tropical-storm-force winds could arrive in the United States from #Florence is late Wednesday, and the most likely time is Thursday morning. Wednesday should be the last full day to prepare, so plan accordingly.

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Americans are asleep, post pictures of Australian wildlife

This is the Spinifex hopping mouse, notomys Alexis. I once wrote a speculative evolution essay using them as my mass extinction survivor. They have the most concentrated urine of any animal on earth. They can survive without any water for a really really long time. They are also totally adorable.

Note: I did a DDG image search and was presented with quite a lot of porn. Fair warning.

Memo to the file:

dry concrete mix is heavy

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#Quote CryptoNaturalist: "Bats can hear shapes. Plants can eat light. Bees can dance maps. We can hold all these ideas at once and feel both heavy and weightless with the absurd beauty of it all."

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Mozilla's creepy data collection

But don't be concerned, it's a 4-tier approach reviewed by someone or other.

The arbitrary requests for new types of user data are especially concerning. It's not hard to imagine what kinds of situations may arise from that.

Maybe I am just a far out anarcho-whatever, but surely it's not a completely radical idea to just use a browser and have a reasonable expectation that your activity isn't being collected and sent back to a central collection point to be analysed by "scientists" by default.

Also another important point. This type of data collection is neither necessary nor required for product improvement or bug fixing.
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