On October first I'll be participating at a group show in New Mexico at Stranger Factory called Bewitched!

These are my two little pieces I will have there, artwork can also be viewed online once the show starts 😊

I called this "All Sweets Eve" 1 and 2.

Summer heat significantly slows me down, can't wait till Autumn already!!

Pic of a wip😄
Halloween is around the corner, need to finish this piece (and a second one) so hopefully ready by October🎃

This weekend I'm participating with a piece on a pop-up art show called "Sunflowers for Ukraine" which will use part of the sales as donations to humanitarian aids efforts. This is happening at Flatline Gallery in Long Beach, CA.

My piece is called Sunflower Girl, a 5x7 ink on watercolor paper. 🌻 😊

Tiger Lily

Another piece I did for the Higgins Inks collab. I've been trying to do this character for a while, I'm thinking on doing many iterations of Tiger Lily, maybe a full body eventually, but for now this is my first "spin up". 😁

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Yeah! More @Quiralta drawings and stickers for my personal museum¹! 🥰😍

¹ aka my office 😁

Starring tomorrow I will be participating in an art group show called "Animal Spirits and Lonely Hearts", I have a couple of my most recent artworks there, my first time sending pieces outside LA, this is at Stranger Factory gallery in New Mexico!😊

will share a link when goes live online!

Showing here before everywhere else the full pics 😁 I still need to learn how to take good pictures of artwork though!😅

These are called Catnip 01 and 02 🍃 🐈

Super happy to announce that I would have two of my pieces in La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles in a group show called Everything but the Kitchen Sink.
If you happen to be on town check it out!🙂 👍🏼

Another little set is going to be available at my store (or dm) this is the Q-Pop RTBT group (red team-blue team 😄)

Starting making the next Q-Pop "group", having fun using some color for a change 😁

And I made new stickers and acrylic pins, they will be also available on my store as a little bundle or dm me🙏🏼

💀 👸🏼

My Summer Sale!

The "Frutsy Q-Pop" set found a new home!🙏🏼 the "Punk Q-Pop" is now live on my store or you can also DM if interested, they come with a couple of stickers, free shipping 🙂

Showing front and back of pieces.

This is a preview of the first set I made, (they are going to be available individually) Looking at them kind of looks like an Idol group, Q-Pop I guess 😄 , just waiting for my pins to arrive so I can put the bundles on my store tomorrow or if you are interested just dm.

Front and back views

I'm making some little pieces for my summer sale (aka, my website bill is coming 😅 ) they are a 3x3 in, archival inks, and will come with a couple of stickers. If you know someone insterested please let them know!🙏🏼 😊

Berry-pop WIP
Almost done with this second piece, and then to the submissions!!🤞🏼 😁

Lollipop-Mango WIP
Starting my submission pieces for this year postcard show, wish me luck!🤞🏼 🙏🏼 🙂

Doing a set of pieces for Higgins in IG, using their inks and supplies, I haven't used color ink in ages, I'm not the watercolor type so I'm experimenting a bit trying to paint "flat" instead. 😅

I call this one "Pinnaple Cake"😁

A bit more than 3/4 done 😁 inking against time, this is my second piece for a group art show this July, and I need to finish pronto!😅 Whish me luck! 🙏🏼

My piece hanging at the gallery, one of my biggest artworks yet one of the medium-small at the show! 😅

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"Snow White - Standing Tall"
Happy to announce that my first piece from my series "Cosplay" will be part of a group art show at ArtBar LA gallery starting tomorrow!

This piece was very challenging and I had many doubts half way, but little by little took form and by the end I was enjoying the inking quite a bit.

Yet another of my interpretation of Snow White, this time with a Korean influence on the fashion side.

WIP inking this as deadline is approaching 😅 about one third done I think, better hurry up 😁

This is a much bigger version of my coasters, and I've been enjoying it plenty that I think I going to do even bigger paintings of this same designs, should I?

Btw my glasses look better on my drawing 😅

I just got one of those little uv lights, haven't had so much fun in a long time!😅 here is a little preview of one of the coaster art pieces I just did.

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