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do people have strategies for dealing with spacing in d3 that don't feel like you're using a lot of magic numbers (eg, "translate this 5px")?

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Visualisation enthusiasts in 🇬🇧 might be interested in this talk I am helping to organise tomorrow. 📣

"What aren’t you seeing? Why do we ‘ignore’ advances in visualisation research?"


For those who can't make it, the talk may also be live-streamed (subject to approval).

What are people's thoughts on 'scrollytelling'? That is, visualisations and graphics that animate as you scroll down the page. Show more

Hello everyone! I am a statistics PhD student from the UK, researching the flow of influence in networks.

Big fan. Starting to get into , thanks to @scott's D3 book. I have an intermittently-updated blog at selbydavid.com