Hey y'all! Can you help me find the best use cases of data representation that utilise sound and/or motion as encoding channels? I'd love to reach out to the whole community for a massive ๐Ÿ˜€

LIVE STREAMING: Density Design Research Lab Final Synthesis Studio studentsโ€™ presentations


These are the works of the 13th edition of the Lab! Nice to see the outputs of such hard work from fellow Density students!

I heard you like WIPs! Here one of the viz we created to represent the transmission of information in different systems of people. You are looking at a chatroom: red dots are messages, nodes are participants. (project out soon, hopefully)

vis.social/media/wuyvQ-AYxNs4Z vis.social/media/zuZY-yNo2zF6f vis.social/media/zWtKrMSatpdmP

Hello vis people! I'm Alessandro, currently M.Sc. candidate at DensityDesign and Data Viz designer at Accurat.

Can't wait to be learning something from everyone here! I also look forward to randomly throwing some of my work in for discussion!

Oh and ๐Ÿ


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